FOX The Walking Dead Mission Survive

Thanks to the haze, the FOX The Walking Dead Mission Survive event last Saturday was cancelled. Despite the event being cancelled, participants who went down for the event could still collect the goodie bags and take photos with some Walkers. Not a bad consolation prize.






Everyone was having fun despite the cancellation of the event. Even the walkers are having a great time and taking selfie. Lol.


Let’s hope we’ll have the event again when the haze is cleared.

The Walking Dead Season 6 will premiere on 12 October at 9pm on FOX (Singtel TV Ch. 330).

3 in 4 Singaporeans use smartphone in the toilet

Acccording to the 2015 Singaporean Bathroom Habits Survey commissioned by Kleenex, 3 in 4 smartphone users in Singapore use their mobile phones whilst having a bowel movement. This is not really a surprise. But do you know that only 2% of these people sanitise their phones after use in the toilet? Studies show that 1 in 6 phones have faecal matters on them. Yikes!

The Singaporean Bathroom Habits survey polled 400 men and women aged 18-65 years old to gather more insights about the current standard of clean in Singapore.

The survey also found that while 8 out of 10 claim to wipe themselves completely clean, more than 52% do not practise a ‘dry and wet’ approach of using both dry toilet tissues with moist toilet tissues or water to rinse bathroom habit. Check out the infographics below if you are interested in finding out more.


Kleenex has recently introduced the Ultra Soft Moist Toilet Tissues to complement the use of dry toilet tissues.

LEGO Ideas Doctor Who coming soon

Good news for all Doctor Who fans. LEGO has began teasing the Doctor Who LEGO Ideas set on their Facebook page.


It was announced in February 2015 that the Doctor Who And Companions by Andrew Clark was selected to be a LEGO Ideas set. According to the LEGO Ideas submission, the set will include the Tardis, Interior console, K9 and a Dalek. As for Minifig, we can expect to see the Doctor and a Companion. If we are lucky, we might even get a Weeping Angel and Cyberman too.

Check out the LEGO Ideas submission. Note that the final product will be slightly different.

Starbucks will plant a coffee tree for every bag of coffee purchased

Starbucks announced that it will ensure that one coffee tree is planted for every bag of coffee purchased in store island wide from now till end of 2016. The company has already distributed one million coffee trees to farmers.


This meaningful contribution will go a long way to help coffee farmers impacted by coffee rust, a plant fungus that damages millions of coffee trees around the world. Starbucks Singapore is the first market in the China-Asia Pacific region to be part of this global initiative.

Beginning in Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador, Starbucks will work with ECOM, Starbucks partner in the export and delivery of green coffee, to successfully germinate the seedlings and distribute the trees.

The distribution of each coffee tree will be supported by Starbucks Coffee and Farmer Equity (C.A.F.E.) Practices, developed over a decade ago with Conservation International to safeguard responsible purchasing practices and economic, social and environmental standards, globally. These sourcing standards are then augmented by Starbucks Farmer Support Centers that provide on-the-ground agronomy services.

Today, Starbucks has six farmer support locations around the world and will add two more – one in Sumatra, Indonesia in 2015 and another in Mexico opening in 2016.

Toys “R” Us Singapore limited edition LEGO Bricktober Set

It’s October! I mean Bricktober!! Toys “R” Us Singapore is celebrating Bricktober with 4 limited edition LEGO Bricktober Set.

Photo 2-10-15, 7 32 31 PM

All you need is to spend $100 or more on any LEGO products in a single receipt. One design is avaliable each week. Four models to collect.