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More good news

It seems like we are getting good news almost everyday.

#1: Buangkok MRT station will be opened by mid January.
#2: Committee recommends more cash incentives for NSmen
#3: LTA lowers rates at 11 ERP gantries for school holiday period

Oh ya, these are not election sweeteners. They are all these are just coincidence.

More coincidence will be coming….. Boy am I excited….. :)

Update: JanJan say LTA reduce the ERP charges every school holidays. This 1 REALLY coincidence.

Peeping and Pimping


The blogsphere is full of interesting stuff. We got a peeping tom being caught by a blogger. Haha. Tough luck dude. There are so many gals wearing mini skirt in Singapore, yet you choose a blogger’s mini skirt. Bad selection of target. Now your picture is all over the net. Next time, check if the person is a blogger before you take upskirt picture of her. (After you released from changi chalet)

Another interesting stuff I found is a girl pimping herself. You are right, pimping herself on a blog. And mind you, she is not bad looking. In fact, I find her rather good looking. I bet her gmail must be flooded with tons of emails from guys. Nah, don’t wanna join the crowd. So many people already, don’t think she will even bother to read my mail.

Come to think of it, perhaps I should also pimp myself on my blog. Afterall, I’m already 25 and still single. Maybe I should do something like that too. But it’s not so simple. After all, I’m not a gal and not good looking. Its not going to be easy to pimp myself.

Must I post a picture makeover picture in order to pimp myself? But I’ve never taken any makeover pictures. Picture of face on table can or not?

The JR Gang

I was looking at some old photos taken back in March. I see a group of people playing games in settler’s cafe, having lots of fun.
Unknown to most people, this group of friends hardly knew each other at the time when the pictures were taken. They knew each other from the forum. They met each other for only a couple of times before that gathering. Yet they seems like close friends. Like friends who know each other for many years.

And this group of people started to hang out more often. They had almost weekly gathering, going to Funan to have WIFI session and follow by dinner and coffee. They started to know each other better. They call themselves the JR gang causes they hang around a thread created to guess JR’s real name. They celebrated each other birthday by giving them a surprise birthday cake during the gathering. They seem to form a friendship that would last forever.

But as they know each other more, problem occurs. Maybe it is because they know each other more, and found each other shortcomings. Arguments within the gangs began to occur one after another. What seems close friends in the beginning now seems to be breaking up. They begin to meet lesser and lesser. They talk bad about each other behind their backs. They started heated arguments in forum one after another over small matters.

Maybe ignorance is bliss. Perhaps if they don’t know each other so well, then all these arguments won’t occur. Maybe they would still be able to sit down at settler’s cafe and play another game of taboo.

Singapore Rebel


Singapore Rebel is a film by Martyn See about opposition politician Chee Soon Juan. This film has been classified as a Political Film by Singapore Censorship Board. In short, this film is banned in Singapore.

Watch it if you are mature enough. Watch it with a open mind. I believe if we are mature enough to have casino, we should be mature enough to watch film of such contents.

I’m not promoting Chee here. In fact, I don’t like this guy at all. Should he come to my GRC this coming election, I’ll rather void my vote than cast a vote on him. He has no respect for the law. Even if the law is unjust, it is still the law. And the law need to be respected. How do you expect me to vote for someone who doesn’t show any respect for law? I don’t want to see Taiwan like parliment in our country.

There was one scene in the film where they show him being arrested for making a speech outside the Istana. I feel ashamed watching that portion. Ashamed to be a Singaporean where people don’t have the freedom to speak up. Reporters from other country are fliming those scene and sending it back to their country, showing how lack of freedom Singapore is. This is so disgraceful.

But still, I have no respect for Chee. The police has already given him a warning and ask him to leave. The law says no public speech without a permit, yet he has no respect for the law. I support your call for freedom of speech, but I do not support your action. You are a disgrace to the opposition party.

Watch it if you are mature enough. I hope I’m not breaking any law here.

PS: Its actually quite shoik to watch a banned film, feels like watching porno.

**Update: Links removed**

Changing face of terrorism

The Changing Face of Terrorism

A Two-Part Exhibition
Central Lending Library, Basement 1,
National Library Building, Victoria Street
(beside Bugis Junction)
Opening Hours: 10 am – 9 pm
Admission: Free
Part I ~ 9 Nov to 3 Dec
Part II ~ 5 Dec to 17 Dec

I must say, I love the posters for this exhibit.
“Don’t let terrorism change our way of life”

Indeed, very well said. The moment terrorism change our way of life means that we’ve lost. Destroy another WTC if you can. Bomb another bali if you dare, we will still live our life as normal. Nothing that you low life terrorist do can make us change our way of life! We will contuine to live life as normal like what we did before 911. We will survive this battle.

Terrorism will not change our way of live.

Now, can someone return us the dustbin in all MRT station?