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Pirates of the New Hill

It’s actually nothing new. We all heard about how the pirates in JB provide delivery service and stuff. You can call them to place your order. And they even got a online catalog of all the CDs they have.

Check out their website before the ISP blocks it.
username: sgzen
password: alfa

Steady 1 okie, still need password to access.
They categorize the CD into different groups and even got a help and feedback form. Cool huh? Too bad they don’t accept credit cards. Haha….

Disclaimer: I’m not promoting this website
Dear readers, please be responsible. Do not buy pirated CD. I’m posting this thread here merely to show everyone how pirates embrace technology to conduct their crimes. I wish all of you will not buy pirated stuff.

Be original, be cool. Stop piracy.

Google, man’s best friend

10 years ago, searching information on a topic or subject usually involves going down to the library. But nowadays, with the internet, everything is at your fingertip. You just need to find a way got grab the info. That is where google comes in.

I’ve always said: “If it exists in this world, it can be found on the internet.” That’s why if you ask me to name the greatest invention of all time, I’ll say it’s the Internet.

Two of my colleagues are doing some testing on the system today and they need to freeze the sysdate in the server. They knew one guy done it before, but that guy is on leave today. So one of the gal came and ask if I know how to do it. And I have totally no idea too.

But not wanting to disappoint the gals, I went online and google for answer. Within minutes, I got few hundreds of websites on this issue. So I read up on it and forward the website to them.

Google, man’s best friend. Helping guys impress gals since 1998.

iPod vending machine

Isn’t it cool? It seems that everything can be sold in a vending machine nowadays.

We got soccer ball sold in vending machine. We got Handphone sold in vending machine. And now, we got iPod sold in a vending machine.

This iPod vending machine was spotted in Atlanta airport. Nope, not Japan, the land of the vending machine. Cool huh?

Imagine buying a iPod before boarding your plane to impress the gal sitting next to u. Open the package and wait a minute….. There is no songs in the iPod. Okie, no worries, maybe you got a laptop to upload new songs to the iPod…… BUT, the batt level is so low, it can only last you the most 1/2 hr.


54 days to go…..

Another X-mas tree under construction.

Somebody save me. Isn’t it still too early for X-mas?