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USB Powered Air Darts

This look cool. A USB powered Air Darts which can be controlled by a mouse.

The child in me begin to think of all the possible places to deploy this nasty weapon. My computer desk, my office cubicle or even extend it to my front door.

Perhaps it should also come with a webcam to see where you are aiming. Add recording feature to record the death of your victim. Hee hee.

I want this for X-mas. :D

Call us barbaric if you like


I spend a few hours reading up on Van Tuong Nguyen online. I bypass the local news agency webpage because it is pretty censored. Went straight to Technorati and found hundreds and hundreds of blog writing about him. A new one appears within a few minutes. There is even a wikipedia on him.

I feel like crying after reading those blog. Not because a life was lost, but how everyone reacted to this case. Campaigners held a vigil outside the prison before his execution, church bell in Nguyen’s home city of Melbourne tolled 25 times and a request for an official minute’s silence to honour Nguyen. While fighting for human rights, everyone seems to have forgotten that Nguyen is a drug trafficker, not a national hero.

Many blogs gave hundreds of reasons why Singapore shouldn’t hang Nguyen. But for every reason they give, I could give another reason to rebut.

Call us barbaric if you like, but we have a law to uphold.

Singapore could grant clemency to one Nguyen, but how many more Nguyen do we need to grant clemency? If we grant him clemency, then we will also need to grant clemency to the next foreigner drug trafficker. End of the day, clemency for all drug trafficker. Then what for do we have the law? We might as well abolish the law on drug trafficking since we can’t uphold it.

The law clearly state mandatory death sentences for drug trafficking. Even if the Australian boycott our products or impose trade sanctions on us, we still have to stand firm on our ground. This is our law and our rights to uphold it in our country. If we fail to uphold it, then what peace and order can there be?

I wish the Australian and everyone around the world would respect our law, the same way they want us to respect theirs.

If I die one day….

Read from mrbrown’s blog that idler has passed away. I do not know idler personally, neither have I visited her blog while she was alive. But can’t help feeling sad when I read about her. Life is so short. Death may come so sudden. It is not always like Grace Chow where you know you will die soon. Sometimes, death just come without any appointment or reservations.

Reading about this news make me wonder, what if I die suddenly one day? My colleague and I always feel that we would be killed by lighting on a bright sunny day because we been doing too many evil things. What if lighting really strike me 1 day? What if I just die suddenly? Would anyone online find out about it? Or would my blog just stand still, and visitor just pass it off as an abandon blog? Or would my siblings log into my blog and announce to all my online friends that I’m dead and my wake is from when to when? Would they know how to post an entry on my blog? Or would they even know that I have a blog in the 1st place?

What will my last post on my blog be? Who will I mention in my last post? What topic would I touch on? Who would comment on my last post? What will my last reply on the comment be?

Who would be the first person to find out that I’m dead? Will anyone post an entries on his/her blog talking their memories with me? Would anyone miss me?

The thought of sudden death is scary. If I know I’m going to die maybe a week later, at least I can still make some arrangements, bid farewell to everyone who reads my blog. But what if I were to die suddenly? Would everyone know that I’m dead? Or would they thought I’m just lazy to update my blog?

Perhaps I should start writing some notes or something to tell my siblings what to do if I were to die suddenly one day.

Coincidentally, I overslept today. Think I must have killed the alarm clock and went back to sleep. I could had overslept the whole morning and not report for work. Luckily Zhen Zhen called me on my handphone to wake me up. You see, I always SMS her in the morning to bother her with my “Good morning” greetings and chat on SMS while traveling to work. When she didn’t receive any sms this morning, she knew that I must had overslept.

Well, at least if I were to die suddenly one day, she might be my 1st friend to know. Isn’t that something heartwarming to know. :)