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Value Life, Act Responsibly


Another guy jumped down the MRT track on Wednesday. Look like the signboard they put up by the side of the track isn’t working. “Value Life, Act Responsibly”. I like the part where they say “Act Responsibly”. Jumping down the MRT track isn’t a responsible action. You’ll cause disruption to our world class transport.

But I think the SMRT staff are doing a great job. They are able to handle the situation well, clean up everything and get the train back in service within 50 minutes. Someone in forum exclaim that they all experienced already. This is one experience not to be proud of.

For god sake, please find other means of dying if you really have to. Jumping off a building is good. Just make sure nobody is below. Drowning is also good. Choose swimming pool instead of sea/river so that at least it is easier to recover your body. Or try eating a lot of panadol. Add alcoholic drink for more kick.

You see, there are 101 ways to commit suicide. Jumping into the MRT track isn’t a responsible way.

I wonder if they would come out with a voice recorded announcement for this:
“Dear passanger, for the sake of other passanger, please do not jump down the tracks. Value Life, Act Responsibly. If you really must die, please contact our staff for a more responsible alternative.”

Dialling the correct number

The new gal wanted to see if I’ll jump out of the building if she push her luck too far. I think she almost did. But I’m sure I’ll throw her down first before jumping down. Maybe she can be a cushion and break my fall.

She isn’t exactly new actually. She has been here for nearly 4 months already. But she is the freshest we had. We have other nicknames for her, but I’ll talk about it other day. Anyway the “new gal” was covering another colleague who is on leave. The job is simple. All she need to do is to do some coordination stuff. People raise request, she consolidate everything and get director to approve them. The problem is, our director is on leave yesterday, so she have to find the directors from other teams. Simple task right? So she consolidate everything and send the email out to the director, keeping me in the CC loop so that I could babysit her incase something goes wrong.

30 minutes down, no reply from the director. I ask her to give him a call to see if he is at his desk. Few minutes later, she walk over to my desk and told me a Malay guy pick up the phone instead. (The director is a Chinese) I told her that she must had dialed the wrong number. She insist it was the right number. So I looked up the address book for the director’s phone number and ask if that is the number she called. She say yes, but it was a Malay guy who picked up the phone. Wrong number.

It can’t be possible. The address book should be updated. I told her repeatedly that she must had dialed the wrong number, but she insist that she had it right. Seeing that there is no end to the argument, I picked up the phone and dial the number. The director picked up the phone and I told him that we have a request that need his approval blah blah blah. The “new gal” slowly waltz back to her desk while I’m on the phone with the director.

After I put down the phone, I lose my cool. Had this rather loud conversation with her. I was at my desk and she was at her desk which is at the other corner of the office.
Me: You dial the wrong number lah
Her: No, I’m sure I dial the right number.
Me: You got the number from outlook?
Her: Yes.
Me: I also got the number from outlook. How come I can get him but u got a malay guy?
Her: I don’t know.
Me: Than means you dialed the wrong number lah.
Her: Can’t be.
Me: Why can’t be? Maybe you dial the wrong number accidently.
Her: I’m very sure I dial the right number.
Me: Then explain why like that?
Her: I don’t know, I’m sure I dial the right number.

This can go on forever. I gave up. Almost wanted to puke blood. Went toilet to wash my face and cool down, bump into a colleague and pour my frustration at him. It is common to make mistakes. Who don’t make mistakes anyway? Besides, it is just a small mistake of dialing the wrong number. Why the need to deny it? Why can’t she just admit that she dialed the wrong number? Is it very hard to admit your mistakes?


The training budget for next year financial year should be out soon. I’m looking out for course that she would suit her. Something like “How to dial the correct phone number” or “Admitting mistakes when you make one”. Do they have such course?

I’ll surely recommend my teamlead to send her to attend these course if there is really one.

Maria on holiday

Maria went Vietnam for holiday. That means I have to do all the house chores myself. Actually also nothing much. Just some washing only.

Sophia used to do all the house chores by herself before she got married 5 years ago. Then Maria and I took over the house chores. Maria did the washing and I did the mopping. Which explains why your white socks will turn black after walking one round in my house. We seldom cook at home. But if we do, Maria will do the cooking and I’ll do the dish washing. Sometimes my dad will wash the dishes. We iron our own clothles.

I think it has been a long time since Maria went for long holiday. I don’t really remember when was the last time I have to resort to washing clothles myself. Must be at least a year. I admit that I always don’t appreciate things I have until I’ve lost it. Maria’s Vietnam trip make me appreciate the washing she done for us for the past 5 years. I never have to bother about dirty clothles. All I need to do is to throw my dirty clothles at the washing corner and it will find itself back into my cardboard, clean and fresh. It is just like Object Oriented programming. You pass a variable to the object and it returns you the results, ignoring whatever process that took place inside the component.

I’ve washed the socks on sunday and clothles yesterday. Now washing the 2nd batch of clothles. Well, at least I’m lucky that we have a washing machine to help. Our loyal washing machine is near the age of retirement and should be withdrawing money from his CPF account. Or rather my bank account. I can’t really remember when we got the washing machine. But I do remember playing with Maria inside the box that comes with the washing machine. NOW, that is a very very long time ago.

Should get a new washing machine soon.

Beginning to miss Maria. Other than miss her washing, I also miss the breakfast she bought everyday. She always buy bread for breakfast the night before and I always have a share. Now that she is on holiday, I go to office with a empty stomach. She should be back on friday, unless she extend her trip. I hope not….

I guess I have to start geting used to such life. Maria will be getting married maybe end next year, leaving only dad and I at home. This home will soon be without any female creature to nag, whine, scream and do house chores.

I think I seriously need to buck up and find a maid wife.

BTW: I’m actually refering to my sister….. in case you don’t get it

Table Calendar

2006 is coming. Its once again the time of the year that we replace our table calendar. My company gave us the year 2005 table calendar last year. But it appears that they are not printing any for 2006.

So the hunt for a table calendar begins. Table calendar is an important deco on every office table. Whenever there is a discussion at someone’s desk and there is a need to fix a deadline, his/her table calendar will be the centre of attractions. Therefore it is important to get a decent looking calendar. After all, you wouldn’t want your colleagues to comment on those ugly scenery on your calendar whenever they try to plan for a date.

I have 2 calendar on my desk. A one month per page standing calendar and a one day per page Baby Blues calendar. Already got the 2006 Baby Blues calendar as a X-mas present. Now I’m looking for a one month per page calendar.

Actually I got a calendar from hush puppies when I bought my shoes last month. But the models in the calendar quite plain looking. Decide to keep it as backup. If I can’t find any good calendar, then I’ll use that. My sis gave me a calendar too. Being a financial planner, she will print and give out calendar to customers every year. But this year’s calendar design is kinda ugly. Some ugly scenery. Yaks. I’ll never place such ugly calendar on my desk. Over my dead body.

You see, finding a table calendar is not a simple task. It is something very important. Afterall, the calendar is going to be on your desk for the next 365 days. How do you live with a ugly calendar on your desk?

My teamlead have been giving out calendar to selected colleagues every year. The calendar he give out every year is from the same construction company. Think his brother works for the company or something. Anyway, he don’t have too many calendar on hand, that why only some people get the calendar from him. We always joke among ourselves that those who got the calendar are those high profile members in the team. Those people who are in his good books and will receive more arrows for those tougher request.

To my horror, my teamlead gave me the calendar this year. Look like I don’t need to hunt for calendar already. Teamlead give you calendar, die die must use.

Chem….. this time die liao. Why I ganna this year? -_-”’

Fire Drill

Think there will be a Fire Drill again later this afternoon.
No announcement has been made. It is suppose to be a “surprise” fire drill to catch everyone unprepared.

But if it is suppose to be a “surprise” fire drill, then why would I know there will be one? Ah ha, here is DK’s 2 sign that there will be a fire drill later.

Sign 1: Signage pointing to where the assembly area are being put up along all corridors

Sign 2: The assembly area, which is also our building’s open area carpark, was being fenced up to prevent cars from parking there.

I always complain that it is useless doing such fire drills. How would the building management people put up the necessary sign and fence part of the car park hours before hand in cases of a real fire? What if there is a real fire and there are cars parked at the car park? Can they handle the situation? If really want to have fire drill, then those people from building management should also have a “surprised” one too. See how they react during emergency.

Anyway, time to do some warm up exercise. Later need to climb down that stupid long flight of fire escape staircase again.