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NSman collapses and dies during remedial fitness training

SINGAPORE : A national serviceman has collapsed and died after remedial fitness training at Maju Camp.

The Defence Ministry says 35-year-old Lance Corporal Ho Wah Yeng was immediately evacuated to the National University Hospital when he collapsed after 11am on Sunday.

He died about an hour later.

Mindef and the SAF extended their condolences to Ho’s family.

Mindef is investigating the incident.

Ho is the fourth serviceman to have collapsed and died this year; two had died in June, and another full time serviceman collapsed during a street soccer game in September.

Defence Minister Teo Chee Hean told Parliament in July that there were 19 such cases of sudden cardiac death in the armed forces in the last decade, an incidence rate lower than the national figures of such deaths.

He assured that immediate care was available in such emergencies, but such deaths were hard to prevent. – CNA /ct

Source from ChannelNewsAsia

Felt abit strange after reading this post. I was at Maju camp RT too on sunday morning. But my phrase 2 batch left the camp at around 10:30am. I guess the guy must be from phrase 1. They were still having their health and fitness talk when I’m walking out.

The weather was good for exercise today. No sun and not too hot. RT is not like BMT or NSF. The PTI treat you like a trainee unlike BMT where they treat recurits like animals. They won’t force you too much. They don’t tekan you. It is purely training. They would only encourage you to put in your max effort. I have no idea what went wrong.

Wondering how much report the PTI have to write now. Poor guys.

I hope they won’t do any stupid changes to the current RT arrangement. Everything about RT is just nice. This should be an isolated case. There is no need to carry out extra preventive measures.

Kids talk

Had dinner with my family today. My 2 year old nephew brought along 2 toys, a batman and a police action figure.

Below is a conversation between my nephew and me:
Me: Who is this? (pointing at the batman)
Nephew: BATMAN!!!
Me: Then who is this? (point at the police)
Nephew: MA-TA! (Police in hokkien)

And everyone laughs…..

Kids, they never fails to amaze you with the things they learnt. Oh ya, BTW, this photo was taken by my nephew.

陈奕迅 -圣诞结

Funny, I posted this song last year during X-mas period. Although I’m attending a X-mas party, but I knew I was going to be lonely that X-mas eve because I don’t know most of the people attending the party.

This year is perhaps worst. Don’t know where to go and what to do during X-mas eve. Maybe I’ll just stay home, face the cold lifeless monitor and spend my 1st X-mas eve in 8 years alone at home.

Perhaps play this song on my PC too.


我住的城巿从不下雪 记忆却堆满冷的感觉
思念的旺季 霓虹掃过喧哗的街 把快乐赶得好远
落单的恋人最怕过节 只能独自庆祝儘量喝醉
我爱过的人 没有一个留在身边 寂寞它陪我过夜

Merry Merry Christmas Lonely Lonely Christmas
想祝福不知该给谁 爱被我们打了死结
Lonely Lonely Christmas Merry Merry Christmas
写了卡片能寄给谁 心碎的像街上的纸屑

电话不接 不要被人 发现我整夜都关在房间
狂欢的笑声 听来像哀悼的音乐
眼眶的泪 温热冻结 望著电視里的无聊节目
癱在沙发上 变成没知觉的植物

Merry Merry Christmas Lonely Lonely Christmas
想祝福不知该给谁 爱被我们打了死结
Lonely Lonely Christmas Merry Merry Christmas
写了卡片能寄给谁 心碎的像街上的纸屑


Paper chase

My teamlead ask me into a meeting room today. He wanted to transfer me to some new project because the other person in charge is moving to another project. I’m pretty fine with the arrangement. I don’t know exactly what is the new project about. But it look quite interesting and have pretty much space for personal developement.

Then he ask me when will I be getting my degree. You see, I’m currently holding a Diploma. All diploma holders are Junior Officers (JO) in my company. Degree holders are Senior Officers (SO).

The thing is, although I’m a JO, I’m actually doing the same stuff that SO are doing. Actually, kinda expected it also. Before I completed my diploma, I’ve already heard that the only difference between diploma and degree holders is the salary. Their job is the same. Just that you will be getting lower pay than them because you study lesser than them. Ya, how true.

Well, my teamlead wanted to recommend me to be promoted to be a SO, but in order to do so, I need a degree first. Its the company policy. Diploma, JO. Degree, SO. No matter your skill level or number of years working with them.

End of the day, it is still that piece of paper that matters to employers. Haiz.

Pet Missing and earthquake

Nope, I don’t have any pet. My dad have a louhan fish, but doubt it will go missing.

But, did you guys notice an increase in number of pets going missing? Lately, there are a couple of posting in the forum looking for their pets. There are also quite a lot of posters around the place on missing dogs.

Which reminds me of an article which talks about the increase number of pets going missing before a earthquake. Quite an interesting read. Someone can actually predict earthquake base on the number of missing pet ads in the newspaper and correlating relationship to lunar-tide cycles. He claims that it is almost 75% accurate. Better than no prediction of the next earthquake right?

Wondering if there would be another earthquake on 26 Dec. There have been earthquakes for the past 2 years. I hope there won’t be another boxing day earthquake again.

Oh, before I forgot, there is no earthquake in Singapore. No need to scare.