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21 days to go……

Valentine Day. Who invented Valentine day anyway? If he is still alive, I hope he knows he is an idiot.

Those who are single dread this day.
Those who are attached need to go thru the hassle of planning something special.

I still remember last year when I was totally stucked. Wondering how to make it special for my other half. End up, I decide to just do the usual. Spend a fortune on the daylight robbery red roses to the office and a dinner. Problem is, she was having night class that day and her project team mates decided to have discussion after lesson. Its not unusual for them to have discussion after lesson. But that evening’s discussion was extra long. In the end, we had dinner at 11:30pm on Valentine day. 30 more minutes and it Feb 15. Almost lose my anger because of the ruined evening. Almost…..

But maybe it would be better to have a chance to lose my anger than having nobody to spend with this year. I received a Spam SMS from the florist whom I ordered the flower last year. I wish they have a option for me to unsubscribe to their spam. Having a gf last year doesn’t mean I’ll still have a gf this year. grrr…..

I’ll be on some coordinator duty in office after Chinese New Year. Basically, its 2 weeks of staying back after work to coordinate some jobs. Usually need to stay back till at least 7:30pm. Sometimes even up to 8:30pm or 9pm. I thought my duty will last until Valentine days. Great. That will keep me occupied. But I was wrong. My duty is from 30 Jan to 12 Feb. 12 Feb!!! Why can’t you extend 2 more days so that at least I can stay in office and do my duty instead? For the 1st time I wished I could serve my duty slightly longer. Coordinator duty is not a pleasant thing to do. Lots of blood to puke. Lots of table to bang. Lots of wall to knock. But I’m still willing to do 2 more days. Just spare me from that dreadful Valentine day.

Ok, nevermind. Then I thought Matthew is going to be the coordinator on 14 Feb. Intend to tell him that I’ll help cover him for that day so that he can go have a nice evening with his wife to be. Sound “Wei Da” right? BUT it turns out that Matthew isn’t the coordinator on 14 Feb. Its a new gal from another dept whom I totally don’t know. I STILL haven’t figure out how to pronounce her name. Still wondering if I should drop her a email and tell her that I can help cover her for that day so that she can leave early to be with her other half. But what if she doesn’t have a boyfriend???? And wouldn’t it be malu to REQUEST to cover someone’s duty just to hide yourself on that idiotic day?

HOW? Go straight home after work, shower and go to bed. Cover the blanket over my head and pray that this day is over too. Or even better, take a day leave and stay in bed for the whole day.

Or maybe I should ask her out for dinner that night. NO, I’ll surely freak her out by doing that. How about Z? Nah. She most likely have alot of guys dating her. Even if there is none, I won’t be in her list. Not a chance.


Argh. Ok…. I know how. I’ll just follow what some singles are doing here, here and here. Ask if any blogger out there wants to spend Valentines Day with me.

Wait. I saw some similarities between the 3 of them that I don’t have. They all wear skirt, have sweet smiles and look beautiful.

I don’t. ARGH……

Happy Chinese New Year

I guess the best way to wish your customer a Happy Chinese New Year is to not increase the price during the festive season.

Yeap, EC house still charging $10 per cut. Isn’t that nice?


Goodbye my faithful Sanyo washing machine.

Nobody in the house remember when did you start serving us. Cause it has been too long. My rough guess is 17 years. Maybe more. Thank you for keeping our clothles clean all these years.

The new panasonic washing machine started working shortly after reaching our house. Maria was eager to test if it can do the job as good as you. I guess we still need to fine tune some minor issue. The pipe is too short. We have trouble communicating with it too. Will read up the instruction manual when I have time. Something which I usually don’t do. Who still reads the instruction manual nowadays?

Anyone has any good server to post video? I got a video of the new washing machine in action. Hahahaha….

SPCA’s 3rd "Lazy Sunday" Wine Tasting

Anyone interested?

SPCA’s 3rd “Lazy Sunday” Wine Tasting
The Wine Company
26 Evans Road
12 Feb 2006
2 to 5pm.

I’ve always wanted to go for some of these wine appreciation events. But always missed the chance. Don’t think I would want to go alone. If anyone interested, we can go together.

Please record your message after the tone *BEEP*

I don’t know why suddenly Singtel gave me the voice mailbox service. I didn’t request for it cause I didn’t see the need. My handphone is on 24/7. If someone calls me but I didn’t pick up the phone, my caller ID would tell me who is looking for me and I will call back the person asap. Nobody uses the payphone nowadays and those people who subscribe to Caller Number Non-Display doesn’t deserves my call back. You can try calling me again later or cancel that stupid service.

I also have the caller alert service which will SMS me the telephone number of the missed call if I off my hanphone.

Caller ID and Caller Alert has made voice mailbox obsolete. Who still need voice mailbox nowadays? And 1 thing I’ve notice, people sound weird when talking to the machine. REALLY WEIRD. They don’t sound natural.

And the worst thing about voice mail box is, people don’t know HOW to use it. Really.

Some people couldn’t decide if they want to leave a message in my voice mailbox or not. I often go into my voice mailbox to listen to 1 second of the background noise follow by the hanging up of the phone. And I have to call the person after listening to my voice mailbox.

My dad is famous for using my voice mailbox. 9 out of 10 voice mail came from him. And all 9 of them are redundant. He still don’t know how to use the voice mail box despite me teaching him the concept of voice mail box ever since the days of pager.

Here are some of the voice mails that he put in my voice mail before.

“Are you coming home for dinner tonight?”
“Where are you?”
“Why you didn’t pick up the phone.”
“You want a ride home? I’m near your office now.”

And the most famous one is……

“Call me.”

In the end, I still need to call him after listening to the voice mail. Redundant right? Nowadays, when I saw a miss call from my dad handphone and a SMS saying there is a new message in my mail box, I’ll give my dad a call instead of listening to the mail box.

I’ve just called up Singtel to cancel that useless voice mailbox service. Will not subscribe to the service again unless they start teaching children how to use the voice mailbox in school.