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Ungrateful fellow

Reading this forum letter to the Straits Times make me angry.

Jan 18, 2006
Let those who intend to emigrate opt out of NS

I REFER to the Insight article, ‘Doers & dodgers: Time to heal the rift?’ (ST, Jan 14).

I share the same sentiment as Mr Paul Wong, feeling no allegiance to Singapore and not being able to assimilate into Singaporean culture even though I was born and raised here.

As a child, I grew up watching classic American movies and cartoons, and listening to American-genre music like country, southern gospel and classic American oldies.

My paternal aunts and uncles are Ivy League students and speak with a slight American accent and use American grammar in speech. I was influenced by them.

Because I am the child of a Thai father and a Singaporean mother, I am a citizen of both Thailand and Singapore. I hold a Singapore passport and will have to serve national service next year.

I do not intend to live in Singapore and, in fact, have made serious plans to emigrate to the United States in future.

Many friends of mine who have gone overseas to study intend to settle down in their host country after serving national service.

I do not support the evasion of national service but I appeal to the Government to make some changes to the policy.

For those who do not intend to live in Singapore, there is no purpose in serving national service. It is a waste of resources for the Government and a waste of time for those affected.

In my case, I will renounce my Singapore citizenship at age 21 and take on Thai citizenship. The US will be my home in future and if a war breaks out between Singapore and the US, God forbid, obviously I would help to defend the US and fight Singapore if need be.

Therefore, I do not see the purpose of training men who might ‘turn against’ their country in unforeseen circumstances.

Perhaps the Ministry of Defence could come up with a policy to permit those who intend to emigrate to opt out of national service but if they do not leave by a certain age, then they would be drafted.

Patriotism and loyalty cannot be forced. It is ultimately up to an individual whether he wants to serve the country.

Pavin Limanont

Pavin, I know you are not a chinese, but here are 4 chinese words for you.


It means when you drink the water, think about its source.

From the day you are born, Singapore has given you a lot. Do you think your parent’s hospital fee is enough to pay for the expense to deliver you and bring you to this world? No, Singapore subsidise the medical fee.

Do you think the school fees that your parents pay are enough to give you the good education you are receiving now? No, Singapore subsidise school fees for all Singapore citizen.

Singapore provided you with a good environment to grow up and a comfortable home for you to stay. Are you staying in a HDB flat? Your HDB flat is also subsidised by Singapore. Have you ever thought about it? Singapore provided you a safe place to live. Are you able to enjoy such safe haven in other country? Maybe you can. But remember, Singapore was there for you the day you were born.

Now, all Singapore ask of you is to pick up a SAR21 and defend the country. National Service has already been reduced from 2 1/2 year to 2 years. The welfare in the army has greatly improved over the years. Why are you scare of serving the army?

Yes, we understand that you want to emigrate to another country. But before you leave, think about the newater that you are drinking now. Singapore provided you so much, is 2 years of paying back too much to ask for?

KNN…. Lim peh go pack my full battle order now.

Everyone is talking about this

Everyone talking about this

Sense of direction

50 days to the end of my contract at work. The company will renew my contract. But I don’t know if I want to renew or not.

Another knock on my head by her to remind me that we could just be friends and nothing else. Why do I keep seeing myself banging my head against the wall when I know it impossible for anything more than friends between us?

Friends are drifting further and further away. I can’t seem to find anyone with similar interest as me. Can’t seem to find someone who is willing to sit down and have a nice cup of coffee or cheesecake. All my friends don’t understand why I wanted to buy a iBook even when I already got a Thinkpad 1/2 yr ago. They just don’t understand that iBook is iBook. Its totally different from a notebook. Nobody understand me.

Blogging day in day out. I also don’t know why the heck I bother to blog. What is my purpose? Read the forum everyday. Took part in the discussion. But all we can do is talk. Powerless over many things. What can we achieve via blog and forum? Nothing. Then why am I still doing it?

I seem to lost my sense of direction. What am I doing now? Where should I go from here?

Where is my big dipper? I need you to show me the way. I’m lost. Really lost.

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No form also must run.