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mrbrown show

It always pays to check out mrbrown’s blog everyday. You never know what surprise he have in store for you. mrbrown posted another podcast today. Rather surprised to see another one so fast. The previous one he did with Shelley Leong was just 2 days ago. Its also nice to note that mrbrown zhng his podcast server and the downloading time is much faster this time. Thanks a lot.

The latest mrbrown show was an interview with The Suns. I’ve never heard of them before, but after listening to the mrbrown show and the zhng my car 5 make me feel like popping by their performance one of these days. I feel that the 2 podcast with the suns were the best mrbrown show ever recorded. Maybe its also because of the MA18 rating. Afterall, must have restriction rating then nice mah. PG and G rating is so boring.

The story of the suns tell us one thing. No matter what mistake you made in Singapore, be it scold 4 letter word on stage or AWOL for many years, so long as you make it famous outside, Singapore will still welcome you with open arms. Even if you are not Singaporean also never mind. So long as you can play Ping Pong or badminton well, Singapore will also welcome you. Ah. Lame right?

But I think the banning of The Boredphucks is really ridiculous. They just said ‘Kaninabuchowcheebye’ on stage only what. What is the big deal? How come got people so bo liao go lodge complaint?

Anyway, its nice to see local talent whom had completed their National Service to come back. I’m still thinking if I should go for their concert this coming friday at Sembawang Park. That place is so ulu. The last time I went there was last Oct with Z for Buckaroo. You know, the place that serve wonderful buffalo wings from hell. Maybe if I go for the concert, I’ll pop by Buckaroo to da bao the wings back. This time I’ll try level 3 spicyness.

Go download the mrbrown show with The Suns. Its one of the greatest ever cause its MA18.

Just wondering…. Would The Suns still dare to say ‘Kaninabuchowcheebye’ again this time?

I have a dream

Dear Sir

How are you doing in heaven? I hope you are doing fine. I first read about you in secondary school when browsing my CD encyclopedia. I was attracted by your “I have a dream” speech. Your charisma drew my attention and fueled my interest to read up more about you. I suppose children in America study about you and your work at early age. But children in Singapore weren’t given this chance to know more about you. You weren’t on our textbook. I was a history student. I spend 1/4 year studying about the history of America. We study about the great depression and World War 2. Sadly, the ministry of education didn’t include Martin Luther King in our syllabus.

Sometimes I wonder if I would have known you if not for that encyclopedia of mine. I must say, your vision and courage inspired me greatly.

I’m not sure how bad things were back in the day when you made that speech on August 28, 1963. But inequality and racism still exist, not only in America, but all over the world. Singapore, despite being a multi-racial society, also has its share of racism and inequality. Last year, 3 racist blogger were brought to court and received their punishment for posting racist comments. But they are just the tip of the ice berg. Racism still exists in this tiny dot of South East Asia.

Last month, a Singaporean was attacked and robbed in Johor Baru, Malaysia and require several stitches on his head. Yes, the robber is wrong. But what follow was a bunch of racist comments by my fellow Singaporeans against our neighbors. Is it required? Maybe the crime rate at Johor Baru is higher than Singapore, but does that mean all Malaysians are criminals?

During New Year Day countdown, there was a big party along Orchard Road, Singapore’s downtown and shopping district. There were few female bloggers who claim that many Indian foreign workers use spray foam to blind their eyes and molest them while blinded. Some call for the banning of foreign workers to such New Year Day party in the future. But the problem is, it is not just the foreign workers who are behaving rowdy. Some locals are also behaving in a disorderly manner. But why did everyone target the foreign workers? I guess it is because of the colour of their skin.

Racism exists in every part of the world. People just couldn’t stand another different race. I admit making nasty comments about other races sometimes, but I don’t have any ill intentions. Perhaps those were just words of frustrations. But the situation in Singapore is not as bad as other parts of the world. We don’t have racial riots like the one that took place in Australia beach last month. We only have people who make nasty racist comments. Most people in Singapore still live in harmony with friends of other races. Maybe it is just a few black sheep that is making us look ugly.

Sir, it has been nearly 40 years since you had that dream. I often told my friends that someone had a dream 40 years ago and it is still a dream now. Your dream of one day where people “will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” is still, sad to say, far from reality. Perhaps until one day when humans are being threatened by another alien race will we finally be able to put down our differences and stand together as one united front.

Sometimes I wonder if this dream will ever come true. But it is a good dream. It is a good dream worth working towards.

Happy Birthday Sir. May your dream come true one day.


My Lappy and me.

I keep bringing my laptop out when I go shopping alone recently. Some people might ask me, why the heck I bring my laptop out for when I’m shopping alone?

I suppose I’ll feel tired from shopping and want to find a nice coffee place to sit down and have a nice cup of coffee. But it would look weird sitting alone drinking coffee. That is why I bring my lappy along. He is my excuse for drinking coffee alone, I suppose. You look weird sitting alone drinking kopi. But nobody will find you weird if you drink coffee alone and stare at a laptop. (pretending to check office email and look busy, machim like some mobile warrior. But actually I’m updating my blog and bloghopping)

My Oasis is gone. The WIFI network there is almost non-existance and the place is always crowded lately. Moved my fat ass to wheellock place kopibean. The problem with wheellock place kopibean is that the WIFI network is quite unreliable. And the place is rather small, thus finding seat is rather hard. Everything depends on luck when you are out alone. You never need to worry about finding seats if you have company.

I was at wheellock place kopibean last friday. Found a nice table at a corner. Next to me were 2 bloggers whom I’ve visited their blogs before and seen their photos. But I fail to recognize them. Just find her….. eeeerrr….. familar. Got a feeling that she is a blogger. JUST cannot recall who is she.

*Slap forehead*

Spring Cleaning

2 more weeks to Chinese New Year.
1 Big messy room to clean up.

Siglap Cheesecake Cravings

I’m having cravings for Siglap Cheesecake…. again….

Damn Brian for bringing up the cheesecake topic in forum.

My last dose of Siglap Cheesecake was on 20 Nov. SOMEBODY HELP ME!!! I need my peach cheesecake with jelly….. NOW….

**Update @ 2:30pm**
Still can’t find any Kakis for cheesecake. No car also. Argh. I’m going crazy. Maybe I’ll just settle for something less.