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Friday the 13th

Today is Friday the 13th.

Has anything unlucky happened to you already? I haven’t. :)

Rain has ended….

Sometimes it would stop raining
long enough for the stars to come out.

And then it was nice.

–Forest Gump

One lonely Road


1 lonely runner.
1 lonely road.

Name the Budget Terminal

Few months ago, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) held a contest to name the new budget terminal. Guess what name was selected for our first budget terminal.

Budget Terminal!!

I’m serious. Talk about creativity.

I don’t know. Its actually kinda hard to name a budget terminal. You see, firstly, you cannot name it after a famous person in Singapore history. Imagine calling the new budget terminal as Raffles Terminal. Wouldn’t it be insulting to the founder of Singapore?

Then you cannot name it after the place where the airport is located. Simply because the budget terminal is also located at Changi and the name is already taken by our famous Changi Airport. We can’t name it Paris Ris Terminal because it is NOT in Paris Ris in the first place. And who is the joker who suggested naming it Orchard Terminal? Wake up your idea. Changi and Orchard is so far away!

Then you cannot name it Terminal 3 simply because we are already building a Terminal 3 already. Cannot name it Terminal 4 because Terminal 3 not open yet.

So how about naming it Terminal 2.5? Just like those GPRS Handphones are sometimes called 2.5G. Errr…. Don’t think so.

So what can we name the budget terminal as? No idea. I’m not good at giving names (except bad names for people). That why I didn’t take part in the contest. I thought someone might do a better job and give it a wonderful name. But to my horror, someone actually dares to submit such lame name. Budget Terminal. Well done…… Well done…..

If I remember correctly, there was a contest to name the Bukit Panjang LRT system too. And the winning entry is…… “Bukit Panjang LRT”

Well done. We Singaporeans are simply good at these naming contest. Next time if there is ever such naming contest again, I think I’ll take part. Just name the thing as it is lor.
If naming Polar Bear contest, call it “Polar Bear”.
If naming expressway contest, call it “Expressway”.
If naming Navy Ship contest, call it “Ship”.

I think I’ll stand a chance to walk away with a cash prize of $2,000 and a 3G mobile phone too.

Ok, I got an idea. Maybe we should name the new Budget Terminal as “Durai Terminal”. Reason: Because it cost peanuts to use it. REALLY!

The Mighty "Neh Neh" Mouse

Someone told me to go get the Mighty “Neh Neh” Mouse after reading that my mouse gave up on me.

The Mighty “Neh Neh” Mouse looks good. Nice curves, can squeeze the side and have a nice “nipple” scroller. Will look good when placed beside my IBM Thinkpad which has a red “nipple” in the middle.

Which guy doesn’t like nipples cool gagdets? But here is a problem. It comes with a $88 price tag. And its not wireless. How am I suppose to throw it on the ground if it fails me few years down the road?

Decided to give it a miss. Maybe I’ll consider if Apple comes out with a Wireless Might “Neh Neh” Mouse. In the meantime, I got myself a Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse. No fancyful Nipples. Just a scroll wheel that can go 4 direction. YAWN…. so boring….

But it’s wireless :). Can throw on the floor if it fails me. Hahahaha……
(Hanging the cold lifeless body of my previous mouse next to the new mouse…… you better behave or you will end up no better than him….. *evil laugh*)