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All for that piece of paper

School started for 2 weeks already and the 1st assignment is due this coming Thursday. Stupid. So fast got assignment liao. No mood to do assignment. In fact, no mood to study. Can’t seem to find the motivation.

Sometimes I wonder why am I studying. I don’t see myself learning anything that can be useful at work or can apply in outside world. I am studying IT. But I find myself studying modules that are too indepth into the topic until there is no real life application for it.

In fact, I was beginning to feel this since my poly final year. I personally feel that you just need to learn the basic of programming. The if else, the loop and function call. Rest of them are easy to pick up. There is no need for these chim chim theory. Most likely you don’t need them in your workplace. Even if you need them, they can be easily picked up by looking up the net or manuals.

I’m not learning anything useful. I’m just chasing that piece of paper. For what? A better pay? A better job? A better life?

Why should the salary of a person be judged by the qualifications? If a Diploma can out perform a Degree holder, why should his pay be lower?

Just feel like running


Just feel like running.

Writer block

I stare at the empty blogger textbox.
Somehow, I can’t seems to convert my thinking, feelings and ideas into words.

Its just feels like constipation….

The inflexibility of human

Don’t understand why some people are so inflexable.

Someone in forum suggested going for a cycling outing on 26 March. Another person misread the posting and thought it was 26 Feb. So he started a “attendance list” to see who is able to make it on 26 Feb.

Couple of people state that they will be able to come on 26 Feb until someone pointed out that the initial plan was on 26 March and not 26 Feb. So some suggest sticking back to 26 March since the initial plan was March.

Since got people can make it on 26 Feb, why not just stick with the mistaken date? We can always have 1 in Feb and 1 in March. Its not that we can only go once. Why die die must stick to the initial plan?

Why you all so inflexible? Why? Why? Why?

Eat my own words

I must always remind myself not to say things too fast.

My contract is ending soon. I knew that the company will renew my contract. Just that I don’t know how much bonus and pay increment will I be getting.

I keep telling my colleagues that no matter how good your new contract terms are, never ever sign the contract straight away. There is always room for bargaining. You see, if the company desperately wants you, they will give you a better contract terms to win your heart. If they don’t have the budget or thinks that you are not worth so much, they will still ask you to re-consider. The company will not just let you leave like that. They will always try their best to hold you back.

You see, there is only a draw or a win. There is no lose situation.

So I went to the HR today. Inside my mind, I got myself mentally prepared for the so called “standard” bonus and pay increment that most people got. But when I saw the new contract, I was shocked. I didn’t get the “standard” bonus and pay increment. My contract terms are much better. In fact, they are around the figures that I’ve wanted.

I signed the contract on the spot. Didn’t bargain or anything.

Eat your words, DK…… Eat it……