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Crush Calculator

I know these quiz stuff doesn’t really work. But I’m trying for the fun sake.

Crush Calculator

Give it a try.

DK on drugs huh?

If you didn’t visit my blog on Saturday, you will be shocked by the number of blog entries I’ve posted.

Actually I got even more things that I wanted to say, but I was busy MSN-ing.

Will blog rush again next time. I’m pretty tired.

The lines are drawn…..

Whoever drew this map fail his geography back in sec sch.

Can someone explain to me why is it that:-
Some part of Jurong is under West Coast GRC instead of Jurong or Hong Kah GRC.
Some part of Clementi is under Holland – Bukit Timah GRC instead of West Coast GRC.
Some part of thomsom is under Tanjong Pagar GRC instead of Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC.

There are really a lot of stupid stuff when you see the map carefully. Just that nobody bother mentioning it. Oh ya, how come Hougang SMC totally surrounded by Aljunied GRC?

Oh well…. I guess elections are coming soon. I wonder if how much money I’ll be getting thru the progress package. Saw this on the newspaper few days ago….

Ya right, we believe you Sir…….

Reason to buy 2 packets of Ruffles

No…. make that 4….

Chin-up Bar Withdrawal Syndrome (CBWS)

I think I’m having Chin-up Bar Withdrawal Syndrome (CBWS).

It has been 2 days since I fail my chin-up during my IPPT. I haven’t mount the bar since then. Ever since I’ve installed the chin-up bar, I’ve been doing chin-up whenever possible. I use the chin-up bar everyday.

The chin-up bar is at my room door. So whenever I pass by it, I’ll try to do at least one or two chin-up.

But now, after failing my chin-up, i got no mood to do anymore. I’ve been training for IPPT since Nov 05 when I went for RT. At the end of phrase 2 RT, I still fail my chin-up. I didn’t give up. I bought a chin-up bar to train at home. I trained for 2 months until I finally feel that I could have passed my IPPT. Only to find out that all the training I had was wrong. My elbow wasn’t straight enough.

But how straight was straight anyway? Is there a standard angle that my elbow must be? My elbow may not be fully straighten, but also not ridiculously bent. I went down quite far before going back up. I roughly estimate it to be at 170 degrees angle. Is that not allowed? Must it be 180 degrees flat?

This is crap. I’ve been training so much over the past 2 months. If you touch my hands now, you can feel those harden blisters. And they have all gone to waste.

I’m staring at that chin-up bar. Really lost the motivations to mount the bar again. I’ve failed IPPT many times before. But never had I been so depressed over the results. This is the 1st time I’ve trained so hard for IPPT ever since ORD. Yet this is the kind of results I get.

I’ve lost faith in everything. Feel like surrendering. Feel like giving up.

Maybe I’ll just use the chin-up bar as clothles hanger from now on.