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Running with a hangover


You only get pain, pain and more pain.

My Favorite Things

When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad

Siglap Cheesecake cafe.
Coffee bean.
Handle bar Fish & Chips.
NYDC Mudpie
Special Cheese prata from Fong Seng
Dark Chocolates
Palm TX
Speeding along straight deserted road
Chill out at Boat Quay TCC
Blasting loud techno/trance/progressive/dance music on headphone
___ ____

What if…..

What if the only person that can make you happy is the same person that make you sad in the first place?


Sis called me today to check something. My 2 1/2 yr old nephew wanted a share of the conversation and so I entertained him for a while before talking to his mummy. We hang up the phone when everything is settled, only to have my sis call me again in less than 30 sec. It is my nephew saying goodbye to me.

Sis say he cried because she hang up the phone without giving him a chance to say goodbye to me.


Forgot to go ATM machine today. Left with just 40 cents in my wallet after lunch. I was sitting next to a school children while on the bus to SIM when something interesting pop into my mind. That child sitting next to me actually have more money than me now.

And I’m actually a working adult…..


Pitstop cafe is having a Ice Cream buffet every Thursday for the month of march. Always been wanting to go visit pitstop cafe. The ice cream buffet is like an added bonus. But somehow, just can’t seem to find any company.

There are 2 more thursday left for March. I don’t mind going on non-thurs too. Anyone???


I should be doing my assignment now. But the questions are killing me. Question 1 says write a 600 words report. Question 2 says write a 1000 words report. Hey, I’m a programmer!!! Not reporter….

Give me programming or give me death!

Back to manual

Dad’s business hasn’t been doing well for many years already. I’m amazed that they still manage to drag it for so long. Sometimes, you reached a point where there is really no chance of making a comeback. And that is the time to give up.

Anyway, one of the salesman resigned and the car that they lend him is left in the company. So my dad decide to sell away his current car (while it still have value) and use that car. Sound fine to me. I don’t mind downgrading car. But here is the problem….. its a manual car!!!

OMG….. I really cannot remember when was the last time I drove a manual car. Its have been so long. I’ve been driving auto car ever since I got my license. I’m too used to the comfort of a auto car. I don’t know how am I going to survive driving a manual car.

Imagine doing a parking using manual car. Or moving off from slope.

Grrr….. I hope this is a nightmare…… someone wake me up please…..