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Free Cone Day!

Date: 25 Apr 2006
Time: 12Noon to 7pm
Great World City
United Square
Suntec City Mall
Singapore Zoo

Hmmm….. Should I take 1/2 day for free Ice Cream?

Crazy…. I’ll go Ben n Jerry this weekend and buy some myself. Hahaha.

Not dead yet

Just having a severe writer block.

Assignment due on thursday. Still have alot not completed.
Exam is mid next month. Haven’t study yet.
Backlog at work. Never seem to clear.
Haven’t been doing much exercise lately. Chin up bar still down.

And even if my house falls down,
I wouldn’t have a clue
Because you’re near me

Blog Shares

My blog is on the stock market?

Look like something that can be easily faked. I can just create a lot of blog and link to myself and see my value go up….. haha….

So my blog cost $5,164.94 now…. Hmmm…. can exchange that for cash now? :D

Staying Together, Moving Ahead

So the PAP theme is not “Grow the economy, share the fruits” as what SM Goh said early this year. Maybe they are afraid that we voters will demand for peanuts and not fruits.

Anyway, the theme is “Staying Together, Moving Ahead”.

Some of the key points of the manifesto.

Create opportunities for Singaporeans.
Give the young the best start.
Encourage every citizen to play a role.
Do more for lower income Singaporeans.
Help older Singaporeans to lead full and active lives.
Provide affordable healthcare for all.

I was laughing when reading those words on the newspaper just now.
They must be kidding me…..

Create opportunities for Singaporeans.
A young girl who is good at playing table tennis will ask:
“Do I have the opportunity to represent Singapore in commonwealth games and carry the national flag during the opening ceremony?”

Give the young the best start.
A poly student who just grad with average results will ask:
“Do I have the chance to study in NTU/NUS/SMU?”

Encourage every citizen to play a role.
A blogger who is interested in politics will ask:
“Can I blog about the politics of Singapore without fear of being invited to drink coffee?”

Do more for lower income Singaporeans.
A factory worker will ask:
“When will the govt revert the employer CPF contribution to 20%?”

Help older Singaporeans to lead full and active lives.
A senior citizen working in the fast food outlet will ask:
“When can I withdraw all my CPF money and retire peacefully?”

Provide affordable healthcare for all.
A man who just discovered that he has cancer will ask:
“How many percent of my medical bills can be paid by my Medisave?”

I’m already laughing before I started reading the Sunday comic sections…..

Communication problem

Work been tiring lately. There are a lot of backlogs and many deadline to be met.
I’m totally new to some of the stuff that I’m currently doing. So have to keep checking the manual and stuff. And every now and then, someone will come ask me something.

And to add to the problem, I found that there are some communication problems between me and my new subteamlead. Or rather, there is no communications at all. Today is the 2nd time that he agreed to some changes with the requester without informing me. The previous case, I was in the CC list and I didn’t notice that they agreed to the changes. I only found out about it after I finish my testing and send him my test results. End up have to edit my codes and re-test again.

I’m the one who is getting my hands dirty with the coding. If there is any changes, I need to be the first to know.

The same thing happen again today. Changed requirements with requester without informing me. And best of all, there isn’t any email this time. He simply updated the requirement document in the shared LAN folder without informing me. What? You expect me to check the document every hour to see if you changed anything?

At least tell me verbally lah. I’m so near to your seat. Argh…..

There is really some small teamwork issue that I need to sort out with him. Really cannot work like this. I need to understand his working style and let him know my working style. Hopefully we can work better as times goes by.

First, he don’t trust me in the beginning. Now we have communications problem.
Luckily he is my sub teamlead and not my gf….