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I’m sick and tired of all the people talking, gossiping and teasing. There is a time when enough is enough. Doesn’t anyone understand the meaning of 点到为止?

I’m actually quite thick skin towards this whole issue already. The amount of teasing has already reached beyond my threshold, yet I still try to remain calm and let you all carry on. In the past, I would had dig one hole and hide inside already. There come a time when everything should stop. I think it is now. All of you are older than me. Can’t you all show some maturity?

And I’ve been enduring all your senseless teasing. I don’t mind, cause I’m a guy. I tried my best to ignore all your teasing. But then she is a gal. How much embarrassment can she endure? Can’t you guys just spare her from all your teasing? Come after me if you want to find someone to tease. Leave her alone.

I don’t like the feeling of purposely not doing something to avoid her being teased by you people.

Its about time you people grow up.



I should be in office doing OT, but I went for a jog cause I’m feeling vex.



I think all of us have been guilty of doing this once in a while.

Perhaps I do it more often.

Few month ago, 1 guy from another team emailed me and ask if he could use 1 of our team’s table in the database for him to store some data. My answer to him was a straight no. Actually, if I want, I can make special arrangement with him to share that table. But because I don’t like that fellow, I said no.

If another come and ask me the same thing, I would had said yes and assisted that person.

There are also many times where I look at the person instead of the matter. I guess this is basic human instinct ba. If you treat me badly, why should I help you? On the other hand, if you are kind towards me, I’ll go all the way out to help you if I can.

Of cos, being pretty helps too. :D

Work Rant

Lets rant about work.

The error has been more or less fixed. Left with 1 part which is rather complicated to reverse the damage. Am no hurrying into this. Don’t want to make any mistakes. Luckily for me, this portion is not that hurry and can afford to wait. So far so good.

Waiting for the case to be reported to the top management.

One of my colleague is on 2 weeks unpaid leave because of some medical condition. Our team is rather short handed. After some discussion with my sub-teamlead, my teamlead decide to “throw” part of her work to me. When he told me about this, I joked with him and asked “Is this my punishment for making that error?”

He replied “Oh, if you think it this way, then I won’t feel so guilty passing you those stuff.”

After transfering to the new sub-team, I took over some half completed job from the previous person in the team. She was transfered to another team. She kept everything in a LAN folder so that I can carry on the work. I was busy with fixing the error that I didn’t really notice that 1 SQL insertion file is missing in the folder.

So I contacted her yesterday and ask her for that file. She say did some changes directly to the database and her SQL insertion file is no longer accurate. Then she ask me to go database extract the records.

WTF…. you want to hand over things, you hand over properly. Don’t give me half F**K job.

Sometimes I wonder if that woman is really stupid or just out to piss people off. China side send an email to her to ask her to coordinate some code insertions. The things need to be approved by director before 3pm or we cannot get the codes in. She was the coordinator when she was still in our team. Somehow, china side didn’t know that she was transfered to another team and no longer doing the coordinating stuff. Since I was in the CC list, I replied to China side telling them that she is no longer in our team. I also forward the email to the person taking over the job, keeping that woman in the CC list.

At 7pm, she replied the email from China saying she is no longer doing the coordination job.

Ya right. Wait for you we all die liao.

Helped a colleague with some stuff few days ago. Basically doing almost everything since he doesn’t know much about it. So he replied the user with the results that I help him to get.

Found out from another colleague today that he also CC our teamlead in that reply. I’m not in the loop and not mentioned in the email. WTF. What is your purpose of keeping the teamlead in the loop? To get credits?

I don’t mind if you don’t keep me in the CC and don’t thank me. I also don’t mind if you don’t tell the user or anyone that I help you get the results.

But I do mind if you want to get credits alone for things that I help you.

Do you think you deserves all the credits? If you feel that you deserves credits from teamlead for that job, the most basic thing is to give me the credits too when its due.

Me pissed…..

Making the best out of the worst

The deadline has passed. Sorry guys, I didn’t resign. You all can cancel the celebration dinner and keep the champagne.

It took me quite some time to think of the next path I should take. There were a lot of factors that make me consider quitting. The huge error could had been the final straw. I even got the resign letter template from S.

But I choose to stay on in the end.

To quit is like escaping from reality. Every job has their ups and downs. Why quit just because you are experiencing some problems? I decide to stay on and face all the problem head on.

I think I can make the best out of the worst situtation.

It is just like having a packet of Bukit Timah Fried Carrot Cake in office on a Saturday afternoon.