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Pissed off

I am just F**KING pissed off again and again and again and again.

And I’m sure this is not going to be the last time.

Why do I always have to NOT do the things I wanted to do to avoid ur senseless jokes, tease and questions?

Define "Something"

The TV in the living room went dead today. So we shifted the mini 14inch TV from the bedroom to the living room and tried to connect the SCV cable TV setbox.

After 5minutes of tuning, I still couldn’t get cable TV.

Dad: Think you need to tune that something.
Me: What something?
Dad: You need to tune something first then can get the cable tv.
Me: What something are you refering to?
Dad: I don’t know. There must be something you need to tune else why no image?


I thought I only need to define “Anything”. Now I got another word to define.

Define “Something”.


Think I overspend lately. Don’t know where my money goes. Everytime I withdraw some money from my bank account, it will just disappear quickly. If only I can make money twice as fast.

I seriously need to monitor my spending and see where am I wasting my money on. Need to control abit or I’ll end up spending my savings. Still got 2 more days to payday. I’m more broke than a school student. I hope the grass around my workplace taste good. Anyone willing to sponsor some salad dressing?

In case you are wondering, that picture is for real.

Stop the nagging….

It was raining heavily yesterday afternoon while I was driving on the expressway. The rain is so heavy that you can hardly see further than 50m ahead of you. All the cars turn on their headlights and are traveling below 70km/h. Everyone is keeping an extra distance from the car infront.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an accident along the expressway during such weather conditions. Singaporean are horrible drivers during wet weather.

One thing good about Singapore roads is that we have a signboard to warn us of the traffic conditions. I love those signboard. I always pay attention to it and try to get out of the troubled lane earlier.

As I was approaching one of the signboard, I saw some words on it but couldn’t really make out what is it. I tried to make out the text thru the heavy rain while concentrating on the road ahead. As I approached the signboard, I finally manage to make out what it is trying to say.

“Do not speed. Drive safely”

When will they stop those nagging? Isn’t it common sense not to speed in such weather conditions? How to speed? Nobody dare to move more than 70km/h. And everyone wants to drive safely. Who doesn’t?

Its just like the SMRT. Everyday when the train approach the station, we hear the same old nagging “Please stand behind the yellow line”. Doesn’t one get sick of it? We all know we are suppose to stand behind that yellow line and call 999 if we found any article lying around. And if we holding large article or feeling unwell, we should take the lift instead.


鄧麗君 – 我只在乎你

鄧麗君 – 我只在乎你

如果沒有遇見你 我將會是在那裡
日子過得怎麼樣 人生是否要珍惜
也許認識某一人 過著平凡的日子
不知道會不會 也有愛情甜如蜜

任時光匆匆流去 我只在乎你
人生幾何 能夠得到知己

所以我求求你 別讓我離開你

如果有那麼一天 你說即將要離去
我會迷失我自己 走入無邊人海裡
不要什麼諾言 只要天天在一起
我不能只依靠 片片回憶活下去