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Coronation Plaza

It has been 3 months since we moved to the new office. The only thing I miss about the old office is the short traveling time and the food there.

Especially the food at Coronation Plaza. After nagging at T for months, he finally give in and drive to coronation plaza for lunch today.

The aunty was very delighted when she saw us coming. We chatted for awhile. Business was bad since our company shifted away. Most of their customers are from our company. Hope they can survive.

I ordered BBQ chicken rice initially. Actually, they don’t have BBQ chicken on their menu. They only have lemon chicken, which is fried chicken cutlet with lemon sauce. But I always request it to change to the BBQ sauce they use for their chicken chop. That is my BBQ chicken rice. Haha.

T ordered kumpong fried rice and changed the chicken wings to BBQ chicken. Eeerr… isn’t that better? Cause BBQ chicken is white rice. So I change my order the same as his.

Their kumpong fried rice is still the best. The BBQ chicken also taste great.

Miss the food there. Miss the good time we had there.
Hope to go back again.

Singapore flag

After 41 years of flag hanging, we still see such mistakes.

Doesn’t anyone in their family bother to double check to see if the flag is hung correctly?

Perhaps national education should include a chapter on how to hang the Singapore Flag correctly.

Tur Kwa T-Shirt

The Tur Kwa T-Shirt is finally here.

Waited for 1 month plus. :D
Worth the wait. Nice design. Although I feel that it would be funnier if they added the word “Sorry also must explain”

Wonder if anyone send the T-shirt to Gomez. hahaha….

张震岳 – 自由

For 3 days in a row, I find myself singing 张震岳 song.

Strange. I have that CD at home. But I never notice this song until recently when he sang it during the Superband finals.

I guess life is like this. Sometimes, you just don’t notice some things until someone pointed out to you. But when they pointed it out to you, will it be too late to do anything to savage the situtation?

I don’t know.

张震岳 – 自由

也许会恨你 我知道我的脾气不是很好
也许不一定 我知道我还是一样爱着你
打开一瓶红色的酒 看着金鱼游来游去

我没有关系 你可以假装没事离开这里
一切好安静 我只想把情绪好好压抑
到底谁会先说再见 我知道我一定哭泣

爱我 说爱我 说爱我
我的泪 滴下来

为什麽 为什麽
没有人 告诉我

不要回来 你已经自由了

张震岳 – 爱我别走

I think I’m reaching a point where whatever I say or do is not going to change anything. So should I keep trying or should I give up?

Is this a roller coaster ride or a train to my destination?
Why do I find myself asking the same question that I asked myself 8 months ago?

If this is a roller coaster ride, then I think my ticket should expire already.
If this is a train ride to my destination, then why are we still here.

And the choice is not with me.
Already lost count of the number of times that I’m stuck in such situtation.
Already lost count of the number of times I sing 爱我别走.

Why do I keep finding myself singing this song in life? Am I fated to sing this song forever?

张震岳 – 爱我别走

我不敢想的太多 因为我一个人

我没有你的消息 因为我在想你

如果你说 你不爱我