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张震岳 – 原谅

Can’t seem to find the lyrics for this song anywhere on the internet.
So I decided to type them out myself. Spend around 1/2 hr cause there are a few difficult words. Hope there is no error.

Somehow, this song is singing what I feel like saying.


张震岳 – 原谅

我满身的悲伤 慢慢地靠近到你的面前
是我放弃梦想 没有回答 热悉的脸庞

感觉到你绝望 最后的要求 答应我好吗
我低头不说话 还有没有我要的原谅

我不再错了又错 只求你真的接受

B doesn’t work. Will fail, error out, got problem.

And I thought yesterday was the end of it….

Already told you that B will most likely not work and will result in error. You refuse to believe. Insist that we produce test case, documentation or any proof that shows that B will not work. The problem is, why should we be wasting our time testing something that we know that it doesn’t work? OK, nobody tested it before and nobody got cold hard evidence but we know it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work DAMN IT! CAN’T YOUR BLOODY UNDERSTAND PLAIN ENGLISH? If someone tells you that you will die by jumping out of the window, do you want a test case to proof it too? Wake up your idea!

I was so pissed off today that I totally ignore his email. Basically, this guy just wouldn’t settle for a no unless you can throw proof at him. For what? Its not as if B has any advantages over A. If B has advantages over A, then I don’t mind testing for you. But B does the same thing as A and has 100% no value add. So why should waste our time we exploring something that has no added benifits? Can’t you just settle for A?

Appearantly, no. I don’t know if it is the ego problem or you are finding fault with me.

Suddenly I remember that we have outsource staff at china waiting for us to send them job. So I send the email to china side and ask them to test out B. I was expecting them to bump into many problems and errors. But somehow, they didn’t. Within 30minutes, they came back with the test results with minimum guidance from me. Surprise surprise surprise. At least they didn’t give me much problem today.

And the test results shows that B doesn’t work. I repeat, B doesn’t work. Will fail, error out, got problem. So I replied the email to that guy with the test results and additional comments.

No email reply from him. Few minutes later, he walk over to my table and told me something regarding B and said “So what we said yesterday is correct, B will fail”.

EEEeeerrr…. EXCUSE ME!!!!!

When did WE said that B doesn’t work? WE??? What WE???

It is ME who say it doesn’t work and ME who say no need to test. ME, ME, ME!!!!
What WE? If it is a WE, then I wouldn’t need to get china side to help test that bloody B stuff. WE? WE YOUR BLOODY HEAD!

And after the cold hard evidence, you don’t even dare to reply that email anymore. No more reply from you. WHY? Because my teamlead is also in the loop? Because by agreeing with the findings, you are also admitting that you are wrong? Shouldn’t you just reply an email and conclude the whole case. No, you just walk over to my desk and say “WE” were right yesterday.

Ya, right. You and your big bloody Echo Golf Oscar.

Too much ranting

Discovered that there are too much ranting lately in my blog. Esp on work related issue.
Perhaps I should sit back and relax abit. Look at the bright side of thing. Calm down and take things easy.

Maybe I should blog about some happier events. At least life won’t seem so bad if I blog more about happy stuff.

Ok, I know…. perhaps I should write about happy stuff that is happening recently in my life.



Ok, that all the happy stuff I have recently.

Bad day at work

Having a bad day at work today.

Lazy to write the full story. But to summerise:-
1) If the usual practice is A, don’t bother asking why not do B UNLESS your B has advantage over A. But your B clearly has no advantage. So why bother looking at whether B can be use or not. And nobody tired B before and nobody knows if your B works or not. A has been tried and tested many times and is 100% confirm working. So why should I waste my time to test B when it has totally no value add?

Maybe because B is your idea and your ego refuse to admit that it is a useless idea.

2) If the testing is supposed to be testing on C, don’t go and test D and come ask me why the result you got from D is not what you expecting. We are testing C, D already tested long time ago and pass testing already. If there is an issue, it is most likely your test case is wrong. If you don’t believe that your test case is wrong, go ask the developer for D. I wrote the code for C, not D.

In the end, I’m left with no choice but to look at D to find that it is your stupid test case that is wrong.

Going home now. I’ll be back in office in 12 hour time to face all your nonsense again…. argh….

Salary Re-packaging

**Warning: Complicated math formula ahead**

Recently, there is a re-packaging of all the contract staff salary. All contract staff can choose to take up the new repackaged salary or continue with the existing package.

Basically, it is just to take 1 month of our variable bonus which we will get at the end of the contract and distribute to our monthly pay.

They came up with a formula to calculate the new adjusted salary. They took the assumption that our variable bonus is going to be 2.5mths (which is usually slighly higher)

New Salary = Current Salary * ( 12 + 1 + 2.5) mths / (12 + 1 + 1.5)

12 is for the 12mth a year.
1 is for the AWS.

The idea is, after adjusting the salary, the annual salary is still going to be more or less the same.

Assume Current Salary = 1800 (not mine lah, just an example)

Current Salary * ( 12 + 1 + 2.5) mths / (12 + 1 + 1.5)
= 1800 * 15.5 / 14.5
= 1925

So the new salary will be 1925

So end of the year, instead of 2.5 mth vb, you will get 1.5.

Annual salary without the repackaging
1800 * (12 + 1 + 2.5) = 27900

Annual salary with the repackaging
1925 * (12 + 1 + 1.5) = 27912.5

The different is only $12.5.
But that is based on the assumption that you will get 2.5mth bonus. If you get higher bonus, the diff will be bigger. Lets assume VB is 3mth.

Without repackaging = 1800 * (12+1+3) = 28800
With repackaging = 1925 * (12+1+2) = 28875

A $75 different if you choose to take up the repackaged salary.

Of cause, if the VB is less than the 2.5, we will lose out. But the thing is, only those who perform badly will get less than 2.5 mth VB.

Conclusion…. No harm taking up the new pacakge.

(ok, you all understand what I talking?)