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Was having lunch with a few colleagues when a female colleague found some weird looking thing in her vegetable. She scoop it out and put on the table and ask me if it is a worm.

Took a close look at it, yes it is a worm. But how do I tell her? She already ate halfway. If I tell her it is a worm, would she freak out and spilt everything out? Would she dare to eat the remaining food?

I pause for a couple of sec before answering.

Me: Eeerr… don’t think so…. Not sure what is it. But shouldn’t be a worm.
She: *took another look* Is it hei bi? (mini dried prawn)
Me: Think so. -_-”’

Why must make me tell a lie? I don’t like to tell lies, but sometimes, its better not knowing some things.

I’m still not interested

Telemarketer: Good Afternoon, I’m calling from lifestyle services.
Me: Sorry, I’m not interested. Bye.
*Hang up*

Perhaps they should keep a list of those people who knew what dirty tricks they are up to.

Ganna Spammed Part 3

Ganna Spammed again and again.

Haven’t go clean them up yet. Currently I got 22 spams in my blog. I’m able to keep track of them because I’ve turn on the email notification setting. Will try to clean them during the weekend. How I wish blogger could have a feature that makes deleting unwanted comments a breeze.

How about a central area that view all the comments in your blog, and check box for you to select which comment to delete?

Or a hyperlink at the notification email that when click will automatically deletes that comment.

I really don’t want to turn on that stupid word verification thingy.


Spend the whole morning in office trying to investigate a small issue. The amount we got from the system is slightly different from what the customer got by manual calculation. And its not really a big amount. Just a mere 5 cent. And I have to go thru the hassle of digging out the whole chunk of data and do manual step by step calculation to show them that the system is correct and the customer is wrong.

5 cent leh. Why not just say the customer is correct and deduct that 5 cent from my pay?


He came and ask if the error was resolved the first thing when he arrive office. Please, you know that the fix is applied last night. Why the need to come ask me?

Would be nice if you could offer to help patch the dirty data generated by the error. But no. Never mind. I also don’t really want you to help.

Anyway, I can only do the coordination work because the error data is not under our team care. Should be able to resolve everything tomorrow.


Anyway, I’m not saying that the error is not my fault. It is my fault. I missed out a chunk of coding during the re-extraction. Although I wouldn’t had made the error if his script is created nicely, it is still my error. Can’t deny that.

I’m just pissed off by the way he did the script and the way he insisting that his method is correct.


There was another error on 1 of the stuff in my ex-subteam charge. One of my colleague came and ask me how to solve the issue. Somehow, I was very delighted to help solve the error. Because it is something that I’m familar with.

I miss doing the stuff from my ex-subteam. After all, I’m in that sub team for 3 years. Quite familar with the stuff there. Still trying to get used to the new stuff that I’m doing in the new subteam.

Its going to take more time….


Someone raise a last minute urgent request at 5pm. He need the codes to be ready tomorrow afternoon. Usually we don’t entertain request with such short notice. There is just not enough time to do a proper coding and testing.

But his director come talk to our director and tell him how urgent that request was and how urgent they need it. In the end, no choice got to do lor.

I should have OT today to rush that request. But I’m tired. Don’t want to work on it when I’m so tired. Scare that there might be error.

Looks like going to be another busy day tomorrow.


I’m really very tired with work this week. Why isn’t the weekend here yet?
PS to myself: I should blog less about work and blog more about other things.

Back on auto

Dad bought a second hand AUTO car. YIPPIE!!!! It has been 4 month on the manual car.

It wasn’t a nightmare driving the manual car actually. I’m still rather ok with it. But personally, I still prefer auto car. For me, a car is to get from point A to point B. Comfort is more important than performance.

I’m so glad we are back to auto again. Think dad also don’t really like manual car. That why he pass that manual car to my uncle when his car was sent to scrap.


The car license plate start with ‘SGJ’. Currently, new car are given ‘SGK’ license place. Meaning the license plate is quite new. The ex-owner of the car port the license number to his new car. That why this car got a new license plate.

I have been telling T to beware of 2 types of car while on the road. 1 is P plate, the other is car license plate starting with ‘SG_’. P plate because they just got their license. Car license plate with ‘SG_’ because they just got their car. That why it is better to avoid them as they tend to be more careless.

Look like need to take back that sentence. ‘SGJ’ no need beware. :P


Drove the car back home from the showroom. Need more time to get used to driving the car. Not used to the size of the mirror and the position of the signal light. Well, will take a few days to get used to it. Most importantly, no need to change gear and no need to handbrake when moving off from slope.