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The things I excel in

Got an email from my boss telling me to hand over a task to another colleague. It came as a surprise to me.

I’ve been doing that role since 2004. Its a rotating task. Every team is suppose to provide 1 person and we will take turn to do the duty for 2 weeks.

I still remember few weeks back, I was chatting with a few colleagues, they claim that I’m the best amoung the others at doing this task. Not sure if they are just being politically correct or they really meant it.

But I do admit that it is something that I excel in. After all, I’ve been doing it for so long and already know the process by heart.

Somehow I don’t feel anything about the new arrangement. On one hand, this change mean less job for me. But on the other, it also mean I have 1 less area that I can excel in.

Oh well…. everything has its pros and cons. Its also about time I go to other area where I can show improvements.

Surf’s up


This is going to change the way palmOS owner surf the net.

Saw 3

Saw 3 is coming.

102706….. hmmm…..
Isn’t that Oct 27 2006?

That is today!!! Wait…. its for USA only.
Wondering when will it be coming to Singapore.


Raised an request for a hotfix yesterday. Hotfix are done in the evening. Usually we don’t stay back and wait for the fix to finish. We usually come back next day to check the results.

When I check the results today, I discovered that my fix didn’t go thru. Went to check my script and didn’t see any errors. So I emailed to everyone involved in the hotfix to find out what happen and see if anyone got an error log or something so that we can investigate.

Few minutes later, a DBA replied the email saying he will re-run the hotfix tonight. The strange thing is, the email is only send to me. He removed everyone from the loop.

Straight away I knew that he made the error. No need ask more.

Few minutes later, someone from another team replied the email telling me that he check his area and didn’t see any errors. He also instructed someone else to check another place to find out the cause.

I forward them the email from the DBA and told them that they can stop the investigation as the problem most likely lies with the DBA side.

The problem is, if you made a mistake, just tell everyone that you made an error so that we will not waste our time investigating the cause. What is wrong with all these egoistic people? Is it so hard to email to everyone and say you made an error and will fix it later tonight?

Luckily the DBA is in another office, else I would expect him walk to my table and tell me face to face… Just like what someone did last time.

Old Singapore Photos


Check out this blog.

Beautiful right? I always like to see old photos to see how much things has changed. Can see some familiar buildings in the 26 photos. They are all very beautiful.

1 photo that caught my attention was the garden in raffles place. Find it interesting to have a beautiful garden between the shop houses. And there is a fountain too. Been trying to figure out the location of this garden now. I know, most likely the garden no longer exist. Maybe there is a skyscraper at its site now. I’m guessing that its at the location of the current Raffles Place MRT station. But I can’t be sure. Anyone got any idea?

Showed the pictures to my dad. He seems to enjoy looking at those photos as much as I do. And as we scroll thru each photos, he would tell me where that place is and some stories.

But when I ask him about the whereabout of the garden, he has no idea.

Poor mum….. dad never bring you to those places to par tor when you were dating each other.