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PC ‘Heart Transplant’

My PC’s power supply ‘exploded’ last night. Saw some spark and a loud ‘bang’ when I tried to turn on the power. After that, I couldn’t on the PC.

It was about time. The power supply box has been with me for roughly 4 years already. It has been overworking ever since I bought it home. Lately, there are some noise whenever I turn on my PC.

Went to West Mall to buy a new power supply. Can only find 450W power supply. I have no need for 450W. My current power supply is 400W and its more than enough. But well, have no choice but to get the more powerful and expensive power supply.

Tried to connect the power supply to the motherboard to confirm if it is working. Luckily the little ‘explosion’ last night only affect the power supply. All the remaining parts are still in working condition. Else I’ll have to spend more money on repair. Or perhaps I’ll just dump the PC and get myself a iMac. :D

Once I confirm that everything is working, I started unscrewing the old power supply box and put in the new power supply box. The new power supply box stands out inside my CPU as all the other parts look old and dusty.

The new power supply is much quieter than the old 1.

Think that black mark there is the result from the ‘explosion’.
So its goodbye to the old power supply.

If electricity is the blood of a PC, then my PC has just undergone a heart transplant operation.

Run and Rain


It was drizzling, but I still went for a run.
Rain and sweat combine together. If only there is wind.

Scrybe: Sneak Peek



I’m excited……

New of an Open Source PalmOS web browser call Universe 3 is currently under going developement.

Features includes:
A Tabbed interface (supporting up to 3 tabs)
An address bar featuring a url box and navigation buttons
An Integrated RSS reader
Private browsing (mask the history, cache and cookies)
Support for JPEG, GIF, BMP and PNG (with alpha channels) images
Support for HTML/XHTML/WML/RSS 1.0/2.0
Support for WAP 1.0/2.0
Support for Hires and Hires+ screen sizes

Future Features includes:
Advanced 5-Way scrolling (based off of the Nokia S60 Browser)
Removing the 3 tab limit JavaScript support (using Apple’s JavaScriptCore)
gzip Compression for a faster browsing experience
Opening and saving files to the local file system

Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

please, get out of my elite uncaring face

Wow… its been quite some time since the Singapore blogsphere been so hot. Appearantly, a MP’s daughter made a nasty remarks on 1 of the peasant blogger. Seriously, I never heard of the name Wee Siew Kim. At first I thought he is a new MP, until I searched for his profile and discovered that he has been in parliament since 2001. Oh well…. after this saga, I think most people will remember Wee Siew Kim and his daughter Wee Shu Min.

Her blog has been deleted. But you can still find her deleted blog entry here. Think nobody told her that there is no delete button in the internet.

Shu Min, Shu Min….. look what have you done? You successfully angered the average Singaporean with just 1 blog entry. At the time when PAP is talking about connecting with the youth, you drew a line and separated the elites and peasant. Its scary to see such comments from our leader’s daughter.

I guess this has got to be the best quote since the peanut comments.
“please, get out of my elite uncaring face”

Mr Wee, if you are reading this, perhaps you might want to consider sending your daughter to join your P65 colleagues in dancing hip hop at the Chingay. Perhaps by doing so, she could “connect” better with the rest of Singapore.