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Going on course again

Day 1 after returning from my J2EE course, my teamlead send me an email asking me to choose 1 between 3 courses. WAH. I’m going on course again.

The courses are on soft skills. Not like the J2EE or PL/SQL courses that I’ve attended. He gave me 3 choices.

Personal Effectiveness
Problem Solving & Decision Making
Communication & Relationship Management

Well…. personal effectiveness and problem solving & decision didn’t really interest me.

Personal effectiveness, as the title mentioned, is very personal and up to individual. How can such a topic be properly taught in a course?

Problem Solving & decision making is pretty much up to the problem you have on hand. There are many times of problems, and not all problems can be solved by the same method. Of cause it will teach you skills like brain storming and stuff. But I always felt that brain storming is a common sense skill which cannot be taught.

Therefore I choose communication & relationship management course. Well, its the best out of the 3. Communication is very important, whether in personal life or working. And I always felt that the person who can communicate his idea best win the game.

This is going to be an interesting 2 day course.

齐天大圣 2006-09-16

This segment most likely won’t be aired in Singapore. Damn the censorship board.

I cannot take it anymore. Stomach ache!!!

Colour like no other 2

Here the new Bravia ad by Sony.

Like the previous Bravia ads, they use the real stuff.

Still prefer the previous ads with bouncing balls.

Blossom Onion

Still thinking about that blossom onion we had on Wednesday at handlebar. Its actually quite easy to make. Maybe I should do it myself 1 day.

Oh ya, and that Jalapenos was great too.

Damn…. I’m hungry again.

Potato balls

Here is what I had for lunch.

Parade formed up and ready for inspection SIR!

Into the oven.

From freezer to plate: 15minutes.