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Meeting another ex

Met Shan for movie yesterday. She is my 4th Ex gf.

The movie was fine, but the popcorns is horrible.
We went to the Rooftop garden at Vivo city after the movie for a chat until the security came and chase us out as they are locking up the place.

We chatted about a lot of things. From funny people we met at workplace to new perspective about life. It was a nice chat. Took cab to my house where I took my dad’s car and send her home.


She MSN me today to tell me about yesterday. Some part of the conversation still echo-ing in my mind.

tink compared to last time u now more charming

Thanks. I think its because of the $30 haircut. :D
Maybe I should keep my hair short. Got a lot of positive feedbacks.

i feel something’s different about u
there’s an aura, mixture of fake optimism and unhappiness
can’t release much of the unhappiness
yet trying to be optimistic at the same time.

She read me well….

Sinking of Japan

Went to watch Sinking of Japan at Vivo City last night.

The GV at Vivo City was great. Look more like a airport than a movie theater to me. The seats are great too, except that they are abit too straight for my liking. The leg space so huge that you can have a person walk infront of you without knocking ur legs.

Anyway, the movie is quite alright. Normal movie I would say. At 1 point, it look as if we are watching discovery channel and not a movie.

**Spoiler ahead**

I strongly feel that the leading actor is a gay. Why?

At 1 point, the leading actor went to find the leading actress who is a rescue worker. He is about to go on a suicide mission to save Japan. But he didn’t told her. He told her that he had a plane ticket to UK and wish that she would come along.

She wanted to stay back and help the rest, but promise to join him when she is done. They both expressed their love for each other and they kiss and they hugged.

Then they went into a tent where they had more hugging. The gal told the guy “Make love to me.” BUT THE GUY DIDN’T want!!! She just slept on his lap the whole night.

It is almost end of the world for Japan. He is going on a suicide mission the next day. They are alone in a tent. She is the most beautiful girl in the entire movie. He love her and she also expressed her love to him few moment ago. She ask him to make love with her.


Tell me, if he is not a gay, then what the heck is he?!?!

Add a ‘K’ behind

Something big is coming at the work front soon.

I mentioned that I’m going to HQ in the morning for meeting. It is just an initial requirement gathering meeting. The requirements are rather simple and actually, there isn’t really a need for such a meeting. But my sub teamlead ask me to attend in case there are any additional requirements. (Which I’m sure there wouldn’t be)

The requirements are simple, just that the number of products and customers affected is huge. Very huge….. So huge that all figures we talk about have a ‘K’ behind.

So much so that to 1 point, we just omit the “K” behind. So when someone say 280, we would automatically know that he is actually refering to 280K. (280,000)

Didn’t give the requester the exact number of mandays required for this request. I don’t want to under-estimate or over-estimate. So I told them I’ll bring back the requirement to study before giving them the estimate.

Lucky me.

If I were to ya-ya give them an estimate on the spot, it will most likely be way off the mark. The request seem simple on the outside. But that is just the tip of the ice berg. The difficult part is the numbers of customer affected and how to coordinate the whole change without affecting the entire business operation. That is no simple task. And also, the number of codes that need to be added into the system is huge. VERY HUGE. We are estimating 350 rows of SQL insert statements. (With a ‘K’ behind)

Assuming it take 0.2 seconds to run 1 row SQL take 0.2 seconds to run, it would take roughly 20hours to complete the whole operation! How the heck am I going to find 20hour time frame to do the patch?

My teamlead concluded that this is going to be classified as a major change request. If that is really the case, we will need to write a feasible study report, conduct a walkthru with requester, users, developers and testers. This is going to be something big.

Something tells me that this will be the first major request that I’m going to be incharge ALONE….. Wish me luck. :)

So what if you found an error?

Was packing my bag and about to leave office. I made a point to leave on time today as I’ve been working till rather late for the past few days. Just when I was about to put my PDA into my backpack, my sub teamlead came over and told me that a tester couldn’t find a code we did in the testing environment.

That code was a rather new one. It was created in a hurry cause they need the codes tomorrow. It was the reason why I’ve been leaving office so late for the past few days.

It is already 5:45pm. We knock off at at 5:30 on Friday. I was kinda shocked. Shouldn’t they had done the testing today morning? I didn’t hear anything from them and I assume that no news means good news. But appearantly, they only started testing at 5plus.

This thing is going to be active tomorrow. We did our testing already and it pass. The testers are suppose to be the 2nd level of check. Even so, shouldn’t the testing start a little earlier? Like today morning?

So I have to check what went wrong. Why can’t they see the codes in the screen. It was fustrating. What the heck are they doing? Why did they start the testing so late? And why now still got problem?

Well, we discovered that they are using another testing server and it seems that the codes are not copied over to that server. I was pissed off. Why in the first place are you all using another testing server? Why did you all start the testing so late? And why didn’t you all inform us about the testing?

So my sub teamlead ask me to pass him the codes so that he can send them to the testers for them to move add to the testing server.

I ask him “What for?”

So what if they really found an error? Who is there to fix it? Who is there to promote the corrected code to the production server? Who is there to approve the promoting of new codes to the production server? MOST PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY LEFT THE FUCKING OFFICE!!!! So what if you found an error in the code? What can you do about it?

Test so late, might as well don’t test. If got error, I can still savage on Monday lor. Don’t waste my time. I’m leaving office early today!


Been working OT for the past four days. Staying back till at least 8pm every night. Damn those new requester who are super kiasu. Their requests are also urgent and die die must go in.

Tired of OT.


Was suppose to do a hotfix on friday. The fix requires a job to be put on hold. I was suppose to stay back until around 7pm to ensure that the hotfix finish before calling the operator to kick off the job.

But I’m so sick of staying back late that I did a work around solution. I split the hotfix into 2 parts. Did the part which requires to hold the job today. Tomorrow hotfix is for the part that doesn’t require to hold the job. Gone thru all the trouble to ensure that I can go off early tomorrow.

Hope nothing cocks up and hold me back.


M ask T if both of us are angry with him for not telling us that he has been converted from contract staff to perm staff.

Actually, we already know that long long time ago. It is suppose to be confidential information, but then, you know that such thing can’t be kept under wrap for long. Just don’t understand why is there a need to hide in the first place. Anyway, its his choice…. if he want to keep it a secret, so be it. Why should we be so bothered if he don’t want to tell us about something confidential?

Likewise, if you don’t share confidential info, don’t expect us to do so.


Still don’t understand why some people get so angry when people mention their skin colour or place of birth. You are born this way. What is wrong?

I am a Chinese. If someone say I’m yellow, I wouldn’t be angry. That is my skin colour. Although I still feel chinese look more white than yellow…. well whatever.

Call me Singaporean or yellow. That me.


The whole team is still discussing about the photos that my colleague took in China. All of them commented that Y is the most beautiful. But seriously, I don’t think so. Still think that S look better. :)

They asking me to chase the gals there. Hahaha…. I have difficulties chasing gals around me, now you all asking me to chase someone who is thousand miles away?


Why is it that whenever someone come back from china, they are bound to buy those weird looking foodstuff in vacuum pack? My colleague bought some Tuofu in vacuum pack and distribute to everyone. I got 3 on my table. Still haven’t gathered the courage to open it.

Anyone want Tuofu in vacuum pack?


Gina send me an invite to love happens. Interesting concept, too bad need to pay for the full features.

Been spending my time flipping thru thousand pictures of gals, clicking ‘Interested’ or ‘Not Interested’ button. It was fun.


Going to have a meeting at HQ early tomorrow morning. Going to HQ straight from home. Love to go HQ for early morning meeting. Just to be with the rush hour crowd once in a while .

Oh, and the breakfast there is great. :D