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I should hangout with married woman and man only

A female colleague from another team was being transfered to our team today. She was assigned a new seat at our team area and is supposed to move her PC over today.

As usual, nobody offered to help her.

I was a bit reluctant to help at first. Because I know that if I help her, there will surely be some people in the office who make fun of the whole issue and joke about it. But I still help her move her PC. How do you expect a gal to carry her PC all the way from 1 table to another? And seriously, my whole project team got a lot of guys, but not many gentleman. They would sit there and look at a lady carry heavy load without helping.

And as expected, a bunch of people make fun of the whole incident shortly before lunch time infront of my teamlead. I didn’t really catch what they were saying actually, but I knew its those childish remarks about me helping a gal and stuff. Seriously, I’m very sick of all these nonsense. For goodness sake, you all are older than me, why are you all behaving so childish? I thought all these things only happen back in secondary school days. Why is it I still see such behavior at my workspace?

Is it a crime for me to help an u gal?

I don’t know what exactly is wrong with these people. Whenever I talk more often with a gal, or leave the office with a gal, or wait for the same bus with a gal, or have lunch with a gal or help a gal do something, it would means that I’m interested in her. And those people will gossip behind my back and stuff. Even go ask my friend if I’m chasing the gal. Everytime I talk to a gal who is single, someone will raise his/her eyebrows with those “You interested in her?” look. Even if the gal have boyfriend alreay, I will still get those look. What exactly is wrong with you people?

I’m sick of all these childish act.
Maybe I should hangout with married woman and man only.

Corner of Singapore

I was blog hopping when I bump into this blog.

Take a few minutes to read about her visit to a one-room HDB flat. That 2 hour changed her, and I guess that blog also change most of us.

Couldn’t forget what she wrote on the blog.

The bugs had spread from next door to a few flats on the 5th floor where Mr Y lived. You could see them flitting about on the wall, on the floor, among his clothes, even along the corridors. Nobody there could afford a professional pestbuster, and the town council wouldn’t do such favours anyway. So living with these parasites has become a fact of life. Residents living on the other floors talked about the 5th floor as if it was Purgatory and it didn’t seem an inappropriate description.

It is sad to see that the town council wouldn’t help the poor folks. How much could hiring the pestbuster it cost? $1000? Where is their MP? Didn’t they visit that block before? Or did the RC members censored that block to prevent the MP from visiting them?