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Sore Throat Battle Kit

Die sore throat!! Die!!

Last working day of 2006

Finally reached the last working day of 2006.

The last week of the year is always very unproductive. Too many people clearing leave, making it hard to get anything done. And those who are not on leave are on holiday mood and bascially not doing much work. How did anyone managed to work this week anyway?

Oh well, I guess this picture explains how the whole week goes for me.

Get the joke?

Ganna Tomorrow-ed

I thought my counter gone haywire. 322 hits in a day. How could that be possible?

Until I found out that the traffic are coming from I ganna Tomorrow-ed. Scary. Never knew that tomorrow could bring in so much traffic.

Perhaps it would be more than 322 hits per day if not for the broken underwater cable.

I passed!!!

I couldn’t find any words to express the joy I had when I received my results for my Artificial Intelligent module. I really thought I would fail.

But I pass. Its just a D+, but better than nothing. I was really mentally prepared for the worst actually. So glad that it is over.

Next semester is going to be a tough one. I’m taking 3 modules at 1 go. Got to cover the ground I lost as I only managed to take 1 module last semester.

Hurry hurry… I need that damn piece of paper….. fast!


My desktop harddisk is alive again.

Strange. I couldn’t bootup my computer on Tuesday. All I hear is some harddisk sound. I thought it went up the lorry already. (meaning dead) But then, for no reason, I managed to bootup and access all the data on Wednesday. Managed to backup all my photos to my laptop and important data to another harddisk. Just in case it die again.

Still wondering…. is my harddisk really ok or is it just a 回光反照?

回光反照 = the last breathe before dying. You know, sometimes before a person dies, he would suddenly be full of energy and look as though he is alright. Then he just collapse and die.

Should I just buy a new harddisk and replace the existing one? Afterall, this harddisk has been with me for quite some time already. Perhaps its time to let it retire.

Maybe I’ll monitor the situation first.