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Dreaming about work

Been rather busy lately at work.

Am about to cut over a project that I’ve been doing for the past 4 months. And now comes the hardest part. All the info we used during testing are dummy info. The marketing guys refuse to release the exact details until the last minutes. And I’ve been spending the past few days changing the data before promoting to production server.

Apart from this, I also have to attend the long handover meeting which took up half of my time in office. I’m going to handle my first request on this new task soon. Its suppose to be a very easy task. But with zero hands on experience, I guess even the easiest would look difficult.

I think I worked too much until I dreamt about work last night. And the most scary thing is, the details are quite accurate. The values in my dream are exactly the same as the values in real life. And I woke up wondering was I working or sleeping.

That explains the headache I had the whole morning.

Christmas Shopping part 2

5 more days to Christmas.

Went on another Christmas shopping today. A more productive one actually. I don’t know why but I always managed to find Christmas presents at Takashimaya. Got almost all the Christmas presents that I need….. except for one. Still cracking head and thinking what to get for that troublesome woman.

Another reason why I like to shop for Christmas present at Takashimaya is because they have a huge gift wrap counter during Christmas. As you all know, most guys score zero when comes to gift warpping. I know, it will look more sincere if you do the gift wrap yourself. But judging from my skill in wrapping gift, I guess it would look more sincere if I get some help rather than I do it myself.

Thanks to all the wonderful ladies (and 2 amazing guys) working at the Takashimaya gift wrap counter.

I love gift wrap counters!!!

Funny Twitter

This is funny.

Is it done?

Come join me at twitter. :D

Wet wet wet

Its been raining for the whole day.

I got myself wet 3 times today. Once on my way to work, once during lunch time and once on my way home. And I’m holding those large umbrella. Luckily my new shoes managed to keep my feet dry.

Have you ever sat down and wonder, where did all the water come from? How did the sky managed to pour so much water on us suddenly?

If only we could exchange these rain for some snow. Please….

Call police when there is an earthquake

I still don’t understand what are those people thinking.

There was an earthquake at Indonesia. Some part of Singapore felt the tremble. Which is quite normal as we are rather close to Indonesia.

But what I cannot understand is, why did 15 people called the police when they felt the tremble? I mean…. what can the police do about the earthquake?

Resident: Alo, police ah, my house shaking
Police: Don’t panic Sir, there is an earthquake in Indonesia. You should be quite safe.
Resident: But shaking very badly leh. Can you go Indonesia arrest that joker that is shaking the place?
Police: Nobody is shaking the place. Its an earthquake.
Resident: OIC. Then can switch off the shaking or not? I trying to sleep.
Police: -_-”’

What if someone’s life is in danger and is trying to call the police for help. And here we have 15 Singaporeans who hog the police hotline when there is an earthquake.

For what?