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Driving phobia

Yesterday was the first time I drove after that accident. Drove my colleague’s car to Coronation Plaza for lunch.

Seriously, I was abit scare while driving. I was worried that another double deck would collide with me again. There is this fear inside. The fear of my car’s backside being kissed again. The problem is, this is totally beyond my control. There is nothing I can do to prevent myself from being collided by another car. Perhaps its the lack of control that create this fear in me.

I think it will take some time before I can drive with the normal confidence that I used to have.

One lesson I’ve learnt from this accident is that a seatbelt is very important. Very very important. My car was stationary. I’m not sure what is the speed of the double deck bus when it bang into me. But it couldn’t be more than 40km/hr. But the impact is huge. My head was flung forward and pulled back by the seatbelt. If not for the seatbelt, I would have flew thru the windscreen.

My neck is much better now. Think would fully recover by Thursday.

How to meet that deadline?

One of my colleague send a email to a requester today. He kept me in the loop because I’m incharge of it now.


There is one request raised from you since Sep 2006.

Pls let us know if you have plan to migrate it to production by end of the month.

If not, we will drop it (Keep request open status will affect our KPI). You can raise request again when you need it.

This colleague of mine has been assigned to do another task. He has handed over his task (including this request) to me and my new subteamlead. This request has been put on hold by requester.


I have not started working on it. Its already 23 Jan. I have many stuff on hand currently.

Before you go be a smart alex and go suggest a deadline, can you at least come check with me if I can meed the timeline first or not?

I is pissed.
This is the same fellow who didn’t set up the laptop and didn’t restart his job.


Everything has to come to an end. Thanks for the pleasant memories.

Degree in 2 boxes and an envelope

Went to collect my course material today. Just like last semester, the course material comes in box.

This time, its 2 boxes instead of 1. This means that I will be taking 2 modules this semester. On top of this 2 boxes, I was given a white envelope.

That is the special assignment. Or rather the project elective that I’ve choosen. Its going to be a one year project. The deadline is on my birthday! Argh.

This is going to be a tough semester.


Just received the polo tee that we are supposed to wear for the teambuilding at the end of the month.

1 word. Super ugly. Oops…. that was 2 words.

We can safely conclude that the person who choose this colour is a uncle. Wah piang. The colour very uncle lor. The initial colour was white with some red on the shoulder. Look something like England football team jersey. But heard that got people complaint that it look ugly.

So here we have…. a even more ugly shirt to wear for teambuilding.

Don’t understand why they choose this colour. Its not our corporate colour lor.

Boss…. Can I don’t wear this? PLEASEEEEeeeee….

Maybe I’ll wear my own T-shirt and change to this ugly shirt when I reach the place. Then when I’m leaving, change back to my own T-shirt again. I would rather die than be seen by friends wearing that polo tee.