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Rain over

Today’s newspaper frontpage says “Expect another wet, wet week, says weatherman”.
But strangely, it didn’t rain at all today. There is even some sunlight.

Anyway, I got a SMS today explaining why it keep raining in Singapore lately.

That is because Rain’s coming on 21 Jan 2007, 8PM.


Not my job

I know this week is going to be a busy week.

2 request due to be completed by Friday and I haven’t started yet.
1 request need to be in development server by next Monday and I’m still clueless on how to do it
Satan Auditor coming on Friday and I haven’t start checking the documentations to ensure everything is in order.

I actually planned a few items for today. I remember telling Stella that whenever you plan to do something at work, something ad hoc will surely pop up and ruin your planning. I keep forgetting this Murphy’s Law.

There was a power trip again. I’ve lost count of the number of power trip we encountered lately. The good for nothing building management (except collecting parking fee and conducting fire drill) still couldn’t find the cause. They keep saying its one of the electric appliances that we bought in. Why didn’t anyone suspect that it could be our computers that is causing the power trip? Or even the wiring?

One of the PC encountered harddisk problems after the power trip. Outlook and some other programs were corrupted. I’m not the LAN admin on duty. But the person on duty is on leave today and the backup is out for meeting. So I went to fix the PC. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the programs. Can’t resolve. Left with no choice but to format the PC. I’m actually quite fine with it. The 3 of us cover each other whenever possible. I quite like this arrangement.

Then I got another handover meeting. I’ve already lost count of the number of hand over meeting that we had been thru for this project. This is 1 of the most detailed handover meeting I’ve ever been to. And seriously, I think its over detailed.

China side was having problem with 1 of the job. They emailed to a colleague whom has no idea how to debug. She forward to me and ask if I know how to resolve it. I did some checks and identified that the problem is cause by another job. That job is under the care of another colleague. So I told him that his job has problem and need to be restarted. He told me that he already taught everyone how to restart the job and ask me to restart it. If I have any problem, I can refer to the manual.

Hello…. that is not my job. I’m not encountering any problems because that job doesn’t affect me. Its china side that is having problem. I have my own task to do too. That job is under your care. You know how to restart better than I do. Shouldn’t you be the person to restart it?

I don’t mind helping you restart the job if you ask me in a nice way. But what the hell… You put it in such a way as if it is MY DUTY to restart YOUR job. Heck…. I return to my seat and do my own stuff. Let china side continue to be stuck. None of my business.

54 days to go….. I is pissed.

Just some numbers

3 RT session.

I was one of the few ‘lucky’ person to be selected to use the new heart rate monitor.

Actually, I also don’t know why we are using this heart rate monitor. They just show numbers. Numbers that you don’t really need unless you are at professional level. So why bother? I know my heart rate will increase a lot when I start running and slow down when I rest. All I need is to put on max effort, the rest is unimportant.

Anyway, the heart beat monitor consist a watch to see your current heart rate and a sensor which you wear at your chest. Its like wearing a bra, minus the cups.

Gals: don’t complaint that we guys don’t understand the discomfort of wearing a bra. We know how it feels when we wear the heart rate monitor.

Financial IQ

Went to and tried one of the Financial IQ test. Was rather surprised by the results.


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PC cranky again

My harddisk is dying again.

So what should I do? Wait for it to 回光反照?
or buy a new harddisk?

Or maybe I should just buy a new iMac. :P