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Focus Group

Went for GV’s focus group on their website today. Apparently, I was selected for their focus group because I’ve been making quite a number of online booking. That’s why they want my feedback. haha…

It is my first time attending a focus group. There are around 10 people present. The staffs prepared a set of questions and ask for our opinions. They guide us thru the questions and encourage us to discuss the topic. It was an eye opener to see how a focus group is being organised.

I will not go into the details as I’m suppose to keep it confidential.

Anyway, a focus group is a good way to gather feedback from customers. Quite a number of interesting points were being raised during the session. I think they are very useful to their development team. Its good that the company values feedback from customer. In fact, all companies should organise a focus group once in a while to gather feedback.

Oh… and I got 2 free movie tickets. :D
(But actually, its considered quite little. Heard that other company usually give up to $50 worth of products or even cash)

Foo Fighters – Everlong

And I wonder
When I sing along with you
If everything could ever feel this real forever
If anything could ever be this good again

Hello – iPhone advertisement

Can you identify all the movies?

Hey…. got back to the future! One of my fave show. :D

Act busy?

Was freaking pissed off when a colleague said that I was acting busy.

I am really busy lately with the error checking and other request on hand. It not that I’m faking or anything.

And I do not need to act busy. Even if I got nothing on hand, I also won’t act busy. Why do I need to act busy? I’m not some faker. Find it very insulting when that person use that phrase “Act busy” repeatly. Its not funny at all.

And no, I not working hard just because I got a bigger increment. So stop saying that I’m chionging because of that increment. I have no choice. The job just come to me. Its not that I wanted them.

So will you stop nagging?

Snowball 2007

I can play this game for hours. Just roll the snowball down the slope.

My highscore now is 3927lbs. :D