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Lo Hei

Had yusheng at my sis house today.

As usual, instead of raw fish, we used abalone. :D

HUAT AH!!!!!! HUAT AH!!!!!! HUAT AH!!!!!!

You again

I is pissed.

One of my colleague cancelled a weekly job that is suppose to run during the weekend as it has some impact to what he is doing. This is perfectly fine. Except he didn’t inform us till last minute.

He knew he need to cancel the job since few weeks ago. He actually emailed all the sub teamlead and ask if there is any impact to them. Don’t understand why the heck he didn’t email the rest of the team. There are only 12 person in the team. Is it really that hard to inform everyone last week?

He informed the rest of the team on thursday at around 11:30am. As he will be canceling that job, we need to get our things done before friday 9am. Less than 24 hours warning. Might as well don’t inform us.

Sometimes I wonder what the heck he is thinking.

He need to attend a meeting regarding the error. But he has another meeting at the same timing. So he ask me to go on his behalf. Since I knew about the case, I agreed to cover him for the meeting.

So he went for his meeting. I was informed that the meeting on the error will be delayed. So I waited at my desk and do my stuff. By the time he finish his meeting, the error meeting haven’t started yet.

So I thought he would attend the error meeting. But no…. he asked me to go instead, claiming that he got things to do. Fine, I’ll go….

Didn’t expect the meeting to last from 3.30pm to 7pm. And worst still, the meeting is to be continued next morning. By the time I reach my desk, everyone in my team has already left. Including him.

And I OT until 10pm trying to clear the backlogs. Told him that there is a part 2 tomorrow, and ask if he is going. He told me to go because he got things to do.



And in case you are wondering, this person is also the same person who didn’t restart the job, didn’t setup the laptop and anyhow promise deadline.

I think I can start a label specially for entries about how you piss me off.

Pleasant surprise

Saw a few staff handing out kam and wishing us happy new year when I reach my office’s lift lobby today morning. Wow. What a pleasant surprise.

For the past few years, they only give out kam at HQ. We IT people never had a chance to recieve any of the kam as we are not located at the HQ. Our company’s HQ is in the CBD. Land expensive…. Can only afford to have the big shots and marketing staff there. So the IT staff are being located at some office in some industrial park. As I mentioned before, IT dept are usually viewed as a cost centre. So we seldom get any special benifits.

Well… this time is different. They specially have some staff from HQ to come to our ulu office building to give out kam. I know, kam don’t cost much, but its the thoughts that count. I’m deeply touched by the small little suprise…..

But hor… I got a lot of kam already. Now you give me 2 more kam. How am I going to settle them?

Ai kam mai? Anyone?

Gates vs. Jobs

Gates: What is that?
Jobs: Its an iHouse.
Gates: But there is no windows.
Jobs: Exactly. hahahaha


Had a weird dream few days ago…..


I was holding a glass of champagne while driving. I had a few sip. I was driving along the usual route home. Suddenly I came to a road block and begin to panic. Why the heck am I drinking champagne while driving?

When I reach the road block, the police saw the glass of champagne and told me to pull over. I got out and told the police officer that I only had a few sip of champagne and I’m not drunk. He didn’t believe me and insist that I’m drink driving. Seeing that there is no point arguing with him, I told him that I would take the breathalyzer test.

The police said they didn’t bring the breathalyzer along. -_-”’


Its been a long time since I had such weird dreams. But strangely, somehow I feel that the dream is telling me a message. I don’t drink and drive. I’m not a champagne person. In fact, I don’t really like champagne. I prefer red wine more. I don’t know why I had such a weird dream.

So I sat down and tried to analyse what my dream was trying to say.

Sipping Champagne – Celebrating
Road block – Encounter trouble
Police don’t believe me – Being misunderstood
No breathalyzer – No way to prove my innocent

I’m just making a wild guess. Don’t know if I’m right or wrong. If anyone knows how to read the message from dreams, please let me know.