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Cab-ful day

Its a Cab-ful day today.

Woke up late for work again. It was rainning and the weather is perfect for sleep. How I wish I cold sleep a little longer. Oh well. Left home rather late.

It seems impossible to flag down a cab. Tried calling the booking hotline for all the cab company but could get thru. I knew if I can’t get thru the hotline, I most likely couldn’t flag down a cab. So I keep trying for 15 minutes but still couldn’t get thru the line. Then I saw an empty cab appearing out of nowhere. So I quickly flag it down. Saved me the booking fees.


Worked until 11pm today. I seldom stay in office until so late. Didn’t had my dinner.

As I was in the cab, I was thinking what to have for dinner. Most of the shops near my house should be closed by now. Don’t know what to eat. Don’t feel like cooking instant noodles.

Suddenly, I got an idea. Why not go McDonalds drive thru at King Albert Park? Its 24 hours. Just that I’ve never been to a drive thru in a cab before. The Taxi driver sound kinda shocked when I proposed that idea. But he agreed to make a turn to the drive thru.

So I brought my first McDonalds meal from a cab. I guess I’ve attracted alot of attention from people inside McDonalds. hahaha.