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the LITTLE red book

Everyone was given a copy of the event booklet called “the LITTLE red book (Future Edition)” at Nexus.

There is nothing wrong with my camera. That is really the colour of the LITTLE ‘red’ book. For a moment, I thought I had colour blind. Until I confirmed with the rest of the gang that it isn’t red in colour. More of maroon colour.

Another thing….. do you know that the little red book is actually rather communist. The quotations from Chairman Mao is also refered as the little red book.

Imagine a gathering of 500 people, with a big banner saying “Leading in times of disruptive change”. And everyone has the little red book with them.

I’m surprised that the ISD didn’t arrest all of us yesterday.

Nexus 2007

It was a great event. It’s hard to believe that Singapore could held such an event and attract so many excellent guest speakers. Salute to The Digital Movement for organising such wonderful event.

I went to Nexus with the wonderful guys and gal from I so glad that I could tag along with them as I would never attend this great event if I’m alone. We reach the place rather late as everyone was late for the pre-event breakfast session. Luckily the event haven’t started.

The first speaker is Nathan Torkington from O’Reily Radar. Great speaker. Really enjoyed listening to his speech.

Next was a short interview with the organisers of Nexus.

The first panel was about emerging opportunities in the flat world. The Microsoft guy clearly has an agenda of his own. Open Source not good? How could that be possible?

It was teabreak after the first panel. The teabreak provided a good environment for networking. As for me, I just stick with the guys from and see how they network. Me just a nobody in the IT industries…..

After the teabreak, there was a dual track panel. One was on mobile web explosion at the auditorium while the other was about crowdsourcing at one of the smaller room. Being a blogger, it is obvious that I attend the panel on crowdsourcing.

The panelist for the crowdsourcing panel includes guest from Cnet, Stomp and Its the most interesting panel for the event. The room was overcrowded. We should have taken the auditorium for this event instead. Didn’t really buy everything that panelist from stomp said. She claims that stomp will post all submission by readers as long as it is not racist or anything to do with religon. How about political? Hmmmm….

Uzyn stole the stage for 5 minutes halfway thru the panel. It started with Clapping tree talking about‘s way of selecting article and how difficult it was for bloggers to gain readership. She mentioned about which suddenly drew lots of attention among the audience. Uzyn took over the mike and talk about briefly. Looks like we are going to get a hike in membership this few days. Haha.

It was lunch after the crowdsourcing panel. Uzyn was surrounded by lots of people asking him questions. The rest of the gang just stood one side and watch his 10 minutes of fame. haha.

Rather surprised that lunch was also provided. I thought we have to go out and hunt for our own food. Wow, the sponsors must be good. :D

The panel after lunch was slow. I guess they put drug in our food, making everyone feeling sleepy. I went to the Future of the web panel, skipping rinaz‘s talk on second life. Sorry, but second life is a small subset of the future of the web. :D

We had another teabreak and chance for networking after the future of the web panel. The problem with all these event is that all you do is eat, sit, talk and listen. Don’t get fat also very hard.

The last panel was on riding on change, which I totally catch nothing. Maybe I should wait for the podcast and re-listen to the discussion.

At the end of the event, there is a chill out plus networking session at one of the room. Free food and beer provided. Wah. The sponsors are really good. Had a great chat with some of the industries players. It was inspiring listening to their views and looking at some sample of the things they were doing.

Overall, it was a great event. Wish they could do it every year.

Chio bu reading crappy blog

Was at Nexus today where stole the show, thanks to clapping tree. Will blog the details later.

Anyway, all I want to say is, we saw this really chio lady with a equally chio macbook going to and she pong chillicrap‘s blog. And she actually stayed at his website for quite some time.

WAH CIAO. Lady, why waste your time on craps? Come my blog better.
If you prefer crap, I can crap with you too.

(See, this post is crappy enough)

Maybe crappy blog attracts more chio bu readers. I should crap more.


At NEXUS now.
No wifi connection.
No power point.

Feeling so disconnected from the future.

Ping sg shoutbox twitter

Don’t play play, even the pingsg shoutbox also got a twitter account now.

What it does is, when someone ‘shout’ at the shoutbox, it will be published to the twitter and thus sending a sms to those who subscribe to the pingsg shoutbox twitter.

Cool huh?

But subscribe at your own risk. Your handphone will be flooded with SMS if there is a chat going on at the shoutbox. Haha…