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69 love notes in my mailbox

Open my mailbox and found 69 love notes inside.

No, not 69 love notes from 69 secret admirers. But the book “The 69 love notes – Secret to a loving and lasting relationship” by Kloudiia. Yeap, I’m one of the 69 person who pre-ordered the book.

The book launch was held yesterday night. But I can’t attend as I need to OT. How I wish I could attend and meet Kloudiia in person. Maybe next time.

The book came just in time. I’ve just finished reading “The Starbuck Experience” yesterday. I was actually expecting the book to arrive next week. Quite surprised that it arrived just one day after the book launch. Cool.

Too bad it couldn’t be found at book jetty yet. Maybe soon.

Kloudiia also attached a thank you card together with the book. How sweet. And she autograph my book too. :)

I think I can sell this book for $100 at ebay when she become famous. :D

Who should do it?

This is actually a grey area.

This is what happen. Colleague A used to be assigned this task in the team. There is a re-org in the team and A’s task has been handed over to B. Few months down the road, someone discovered that there is an error in 1 of the item A did before handing over to B. In fact, from the beginning to the end of the task, it was all done by A. Although the task is now under B’s responsibility, B didn’t touch it because it was completed before B took over the task.

Now, who should fix the problem?
1) A fix it since he was the one who made the mistake.
2) B fix it since he took over the task from A

I would say it should be 3) B fix it with the help of A.

But that is an utopia which never exist… or at least never exist in my team.

I spotted a small error today. Wanted to get the person who did it fix the problem. But he said that he has already handed over the item to another person, therefore it should be fixed by the another person. He didn’t even bother to explain or guide the other person. Just merely say its no longer under his charge.

True…. it is no longer his duties. But the mistake was by him. Shouldn’t he take some responsibility and help fix it? After all, it just take mere 10 minutes to resolve the issue.

Pissed off by the way he shake off his responsibility.

No prize for guessing who is the person I’m talking about. It’s always him….

Change PC

After setting up PC for everyone, I finally found time to setup my own PC.

I copied everything to the new PC via network and start to bid farewell to the desktop that has been with me for the last 4 years in the company.

The 1.6ghz, 256mb PC that has been working with me since day one in my company.

Good bye old PC. Hello new PC.

3.4ghz, 1gb. Shoik.

The new LCD screen is making my desk look very empty. I seriously need to place more documents so that I will not give others an impression that I have nothing to do.

Pirates of the Caribbean At world’s end Trailer

Welcome to Singapore.

It’s just a dent… Really!

Someone from SPUG spotted this.

Read this article from Channel News Asia.

Police officer crashes his car into pillar along walkway at Jurong

SINGAPORE : A police officer crashed his car into a pillar along a walkway at about 6pm on Monday.

The incident happened in front of Block 274D at Jurong West Avenue 3.

A police spokesman told Channel NewsAsia the plain-clothes officer had lost control of his vehicle.

It then mounted the kerb and hit the pillar.

No one was injured, but the car’s bonnet was dented.

The police are investigating the incident. – CNA/ms

The report says that the car’s bonnet was dented.

More pictures can be found here.

It’s just a dent… Really!