Nokia N80 Sold

Just sold the Nokia N80 Internet Edition at $550.

I got the N80 last weekend because my dad need a new HP line. His company is closing down and his current handphone line will be canceled. So he need a new line. But he doesn’t need a new phone as his phone is still quite new.

At first, he wanted to just sign up for a line without buying the phone. I quickly stopped him from doing the foolish and use his new line to buy a N80 at a lower price. What’s more, he is using those more expensive price plan. Therefore Singtel gave us a larger discount on the N80.

I bought the N80 at $250. Sold at $550. Made a quick $300 profit.

4 Responses to 'Nokia N80 Sold'

  1. tstar says:

    ur buyer won’t be happy if he/she reads ur blog!

  2. DK says:

    Don’t think so.

    If he were to buy that phone outside without a contract, it would cost him between $600 – $650.

    I’ve also told him that I got the phone from Singtel. If he checks the newspaper, he would also know how much profit I’m making.

  3. Miccheng says:

    Cool… Er… but what will your dad be doing once that company closes down? Has he got a new job yet? What line is he in?

  4. DK says:

    mic: Haiz….. Long story…. maybe in another blog entry…

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