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Village talk

Today is suppose to be Eat With Your Family Day. Company let us all knock off at 5pm. But I didn’t go home and eat with my family. I’m at the village talk now.

The place is abit small. Wonder how are they going to squeeze 40 plus people.


Just came back from blogout. It was a cool event. I’m so glad that I left my office at 6pm sharp and hoot cab down to geek terminal.

And being the first blogout, I guess it was a lesson for many of us. For the geek terminal staff, it is their first time holding such a big event at their place. I guess they will have more of such events in the future. is planning to have its 1st Anniversary party there. Although we don’t have such a big crowd, the experience we had today is useful for our planning.

TDM is great. They organised one great event after another. I’m going to look out for more events organised by TDM. When you see the brand name TDM, you can be sure its going to be a great event.

But one thing to note, the panel for Nexus was very successful, but the discussion wasn’t so good. But for this blogout, the discussion was quite well done, but the panel wasn’t as good. Perhaps its the venue. Too friendly for small group discussion, to a point where people are having their own discussion during the panel.

Too bad Genie couldn’t perform live as she is sick. But she managed to come and and have a short talk. CCDA also went up to talk a bit about her being nominated as the hottest mommy. Hey, she’s in the top 10 ok! Uzyn was one of the panelist for the only panel of the day. But the crowd is too noisy. Argh.’s present can be felt at the entire event. We are forming a very strong and united community. Hope it will continue to grow.

Great event. Nice chance for networking. I still need to work on my networking skill.

Live from blogout

I’m at blogout now.

Check out the live webcast by Kevin.

I’m going to grab more wine. See ya.

Too Long For Twitter, Too Short For Blog #3

TDM’s blogroll for blogout
The TDM has created a blogroll. I saw the URL on my blog tracker and went to check it out. Its like watching blogTV, displaying a new blog on the page every 30 second. Cool huh? I guess they will be displaying that page on a projector screen during blogout tonight.

If you are seeing this page at blogout, a big “HI” to you. :D

My April’s Fool joke
You know your April’s Fool joke works when it was featured in a blog talking about security.

I’m wondering if I should leave a comment there and tell them its a joke.

Start e-Balloting your NDP tickets now
The annual e-Balloting for NDP tickets is now on. All Singaporean please proceed to the NDP 07 website now.

I wish to say that I’ve never gotten the tickets before. So please please please give it to me this year.

mrbrown is Top 20 Asian progressives
mrbrown is named Top 20 Asian progressives by World Business. Others in the list include country leaders, businessmen etc etc.

Funny, the world most well paid Prime Minister is nowhere found in the list. Maybe his pay still not high enough.

Top contributor for
If you notice, I’m currently one of the top contributor for But do you know its actually very easy to be one of the top contributors? Simply submit two article to and if both of them get selected, you are in. If two is not enough, then usually three article will do the trick.

I became one of the top contributor by submitting 2 article. Its that simple. Reason being, most people submit article without logging in. Other merely submit one article. So if you submit two or three, you should be inside the top contributor list too. Shhh…. don’t tell too many people.

Job and George
A china colleague of mine told me that he is going Jobstreet later in the afteroon. I was quite shocked that he said that so loudly. If you want to go jobstreet, do it quietly. Why tell the whole office that you are looking for a new job?

It was until further clarification when I found out that he actually meant George Street. 1st Anniversary sneak preview

Warning: Everything is still at planning stage. Nothing mentioned here is 100% confirmed yet.

Just came back from the first organizing committee meeting for the 1st anniversary. Its going to be a great event.

The date for the event is most likely going to be on 7 Jul 07. Yeah, 777 sound nice. The place should most likely be Geek Terminal. We did try suggesting other locations, but none of them come close to Geek Terminal.

We are going to have a blogger award. Its going to be like a MTV style. We have come up with a few interesting category already. The nomination will begin soon. After the nomination, the committee will go thru the list and select the good ones. Then we will have a voting to see who wins the award.

Here are the categories:-

Best Photoblog
Best Blog Design
Most Interactive Blog
Most Entertaining Blog
Most Insightful Blog

Most Controversial Post
Best Citizen Journalist Post
Most Insightful Post
Most Entertaining Post

Post of The Year
Blog Of The Year

We are trying to think of some prizes. Would be good if there is any sponsors. :D

This is going to be a fun event. Make sure you mark your calender.