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Too Long For Twitter, Too Short For Blog #2

Bloggable or not?
Got an email from Kevin recently. Notice something interesting in his email signature. Below his name and blog url, he also put this.

This email is: [X] bloggable [ ] ask first [ ] private

Interesting concept. Perhaps I should follow too.

Give some, take alot
The GST will be increased to 7% in July. Remember to apply for your GST offset package. Oh well… they give us some money, then later going to take a lot back.

Give birth machim like parking in carpark
It sound so weird that KK hospital is going to change their charging scheme to per minute basis. It sound so much like parking your car inside those ERP system where they charge you by the minute.

So will there be a nurse holding a stopwatch to time you? 56 cents per minutes, PUSH, quick PUSH!

Where is Moo?
Found this interesting project by a moo user. They are sending a moo box using snail mail to collect 100 moo cards. Sound cool huh? I’ve applied already. Hope to get the box soon. :D

Who block me on MSN?
Ever wonder who blocked you on MSN? Well, this site can help solve the mystery. It checks who blocked you or deleted you from their MSN. Nice. I got 4 people in the list. Ouch… How could you all do this to me?

I was surprised that she didn’t block me. Sorry, I was wrong. I keep thinking that you have blocked me. Sorry sorry.

PS: You need to enter your MSN ID and Password. Use at your own risk.

Ham Ham De Uncle also got blog now
Eastcoastlife’s (aka Chio Chio De Aunty) husband boyfriend has just started blogging. Check out his blog here.

Now everyone in his family is blogging except their maid. So when is she starting her blog? Haha.

Helsinki Complaints Choir

There are quite a number of complaint choir from different countries, but I feel that this is the best. Anyone got their lyrics?

Wondering if Singapore have a complaint choir too. I think Singapore can form a better complaint choir since our national pasttime is complaining.

The blogger problem lies with Singnet

The blogger problem that I’ve been getting lately is actually from Singnet. There is a discussion about this in the blogger help forum.

East Coast Life told me that there are some talks about this issue and the problem lies with Singnet. At first I didn’t believe it. I went ask around and found that most of my Singnet friends are having problem with blogger. But there I also found some Starhub users with the same problem too.

So I thought the problem can’t be with Singnet. Until I saw that article in the blogger help forum. Maybe starhub is also getting the same problem because they route pass Singnet. Not sure.

The work around solution now is to add a 2 to the www in the url. I’ve tried it and it works. Lets hope they fixed the problem soon. Oh well, at least my edit post screen looks ok now. Still can’t amend my template unless I add the 2 behind the www.

Oh crappy Singnet….

Two paper and a whole world of distraction

Day 3 of study leave. Things aren’t going as smoothly as planned. I know I will be distracted. I even planned time for those distractions. But appearantly, no amount of planned time is enough for distraction.

I can never study at home. There are just too many distraction. Internet, bed, TV, food, newspaper etc etc. Basically, the brain just don’t feel like studying.

I missed the days when I study for that killer module two years ago. It was a tough module. The failing rate each year is always higher than 50%. At its peak, that module failed 80% of the student taking it. And its no joke. I tried looking at the past year paper for that year where 80% failed, and I wonder how did the remaining 20% managed to pass that kind of paper. It was really a tough module. I spend several days doing revision for it. Going thru notes over and over again. I even stayed up whole night once at West Coast McDonalds to study.

And I’m glad that I passed that paper. Although not with good grades, but passing that alone is an achievment.

Ah…. see… blogging is also another distraction. I’m packing my stuff and getting ready to go out already, but I wasted another 5 minutes blogging. I have to get myself out of the house to really study effectively. At least when you are outside, you have less distractions. I’m going to my school library now.

Revision is really going too slowly. I think I’m going to need a panic button real soon. Good news is, panic button can be bought here for just 3pound.

Bad news is, I don’t think they deliver to Singapore. Even if they do, I’m sure it won’t be delivered in time for my exams even if I order now.

OK OK…. I’m really switching off my PC now and getting my ass out of my house. Wait…. need to go to ping this too. Must tell myself: *Do not look at the shoutbox*

One overrides the other

Went jogging…..

…. then went east coast hawker centre with ECL and HHDU for my dinner (their supper). One overrides the other.

Got Stingray, Sotong and Satay.
The samba chilli on the Stingray and Sotong very powerful. I keep sweating while eating. Shiok… Must go there again.