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Just excuses

It has been a week since I’ve made up my mind on the next step to take. I’m grateful for all the comments, suggestions and word of encouragements by everyone. I value all the comments in my blog, msn, sms and face to face meetup. But I’m sorry if I didn’t take your advice.

Several things happen last week. I almost wanted to submit my resignation letter on Monday. But I thought maybe I should submit on the first day of the month. Then HR send out an email to inform us that the company will be giving out a special bonus at the end of June as the company is doing well. Its not a large sum of money. But that amount can last me for at least a few weeks. So I told myself I’ll resign only after the bonus.

A lot of people gave me their opinions when they knew my decision. A lot of them advice me to take option 1 or 3 instead of 2. But my mind was rather fixed on option 2. I tried to explain why I’m taking option 2 to everyone who spoke to me.

And I thought I made up my mind until I had dinner with someone recently and we discuss my plans.

She said that my plans of taking up freelance and expanding towards that area is good, but do I really need to quit my current job? Do I really need to go unemployed for several months just to pick up the skill? I could still hold a full time job and study for the things if I manage my time well. And she said that I should use this time to learn about time management. Cause if I don’t then I’ll fail in everything I do in the future.

I tried to explain to her the reason for quitting. As I was explaining, I suddenly notice something. I just wanted to get out of the job that I hated. I want to go into web programming. But I don’t need to be unemployed to pick up the skill. All those explanations are just excuses. Excuses for me to get out of my current job fast. If I hate the job, just find a new job.

I didn’t go home straight after the dinner and coffee. Instead, I went for a stroll by the Singapore river bay. I kept thinking of the conversation that we had. It will be a big challenge. To continue to work while picking up a skill and doing freelance. And I’m still doing my part time degree course too. But its a good chance for me to learn the life lesson of time management.

And I come up with new plans on what I plan do to:

Pick up web programming skills
Take up some freelance project.
Built a network and portfolio.

Do all these while keeping myself employed. But I should really change a job.

Its going to be tough. Especially when I’m still doing my part time degree. But if I can’t handle this, I won’t be able to handle the greater things that I’m aiming for in the future.

Attack of the clone

I always believe that plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery. If someone copied from you, it means that he/she felt that your idea is good and worth copying. Its a benchmark that says you’ve reach a certain status.

I wasn’t surprised when I learnt that someone from Vietnam copied Its just a matter of time before someone tried to copy it. In fact, I almost wanted to say “What took you guys so long?”.

I know Uzyn wasn’t quite happy that someone copied his work. But then, lets face it, in the internet world, copying is everywhere. When a website is successful, someone will try to copy it. Friendster, youtube, myspace, twitter….. they all got their own clones. And I’m happy that reach this status.

The only thing sick is that, the copycat has no creativity at all. The entire layout is very similar to Login on the left, most popular on the top and shoutbox on the right. Hello….. at least change the layout abit lah.

But there is one thing about that nobody can copy. That is the community. The community in is very unique. Everyone is friendly and united. No matter how good you are at copying, there is no way you can create another community as united as

Anyway, thanks to the folks at Vietnam for their compliments. We are greatly honoured.

Foleo – Palm’s secret weapon

For the past few years, Jeff Hawkins was mentioning that he is working on a “secret weapon”. And yesterday, Palm finally released the long awaited secret weapon, Foleo.

In case you didn’t already know, I’m a fan of Palm. I started using Palm III in year 2000. It was a second hand set that I bought from my sister’s friend. Ever since then, I feel in love with Palm. I bought a Palm T3 when I started working and I upgraded to TX as soon as it hit the market. I’m still using TX now, although abit under-utilized.

Anyway, back to Foleo. Its a whole new product direction by Palm. They feel that the future of mobile computing will be small devices in the pocket which stores all the datas and a large screen device to managed it.

I guess the best thing about Foleo is its instant on/off. When you are on the go, there is no time for you to wait for the laptop to bootup. You want to type an email fast and move off quickly once you are done.

The battery life is great. 5 hours! It runs on Linux. Light weight with a 10 inch screen. I hope there will be lots of applications for it.

Still not exactly sure about the full specs. This is what I manage to get from the web.

Primary Capabilities and Attributes of the Foleo Mobile Companion
— One-button access to full-screen email
— Instant on, instant off
— Rapid access to various applications
— 10-inch screen and full-size keyboard
— Web search and browsing via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
— Editors for Word, Excel and PowerPoint, plus a PDF viewer
— Compact, stylish design that fits on an airline tray table
— Lightweight at 2.5 pounds
— Fast, simple and intuitive navigation
— 5-hour battery life
— Linux OS for easy application development

What is the processor speed? How much disk space does it has? Is it using Non-Volatile File System (NVFS) like other palm devices? There are so many questions unanswered.

It should be out in the market soon. Going to cost USD$499.

I’m not sure if this is going to pull Palm out of the danger zone. I like the idea behind it. In fact, I’ve been thinking of something similar to this. But I don’t think I’ll buy it. It has to go together with a Treo to make full use of its capabilities . I love my K800i’s camera so much that I won’t give it up for any phone with less than 3.2megapix camera. But I believe that this is the way mobile computing should go. Its sad that the folks at SPUG aren’t supportive towards it.

Will Foleo be the next PalmPilot or Treo? I hope it will.