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五月天 – I love you 无望

I could never fully understand the meaning of this song. Maybe because it is in hokkien and the chinese lyrics doesn’t really help much.

Anyway, just want to share with you one of the songs that I keep listening to lately. Don’t know why, I just simply love this song. Maybe suits my current mood ba.

Can’t seems to find the live concert version. The concert version is a lot better than the MTV.

五月天 – I love you 无望

是你的形影 叫我逐天作眠梦梦中可爱的人
伊不是别人我的每一天 一分钟也不当轻松
你是我爱的人 将我来戏弄九月的风在吹
哪会寒到心肝底希望变无望 决定我的一世人
I LOVE YOU 无望 你甘是这款人没法度来作阵
也没法度将我放 I LOVE YOU 无望
我就是这款人我身边没半项 只有对你的思念

PITA and Password

I don’t know why, but PITA always have something with password.

PITA changed his password yesterday when he return from 2 weeks leave. Our company system make password expire every 3 months, so you will have to change your password every 3 months.

What happen was, he forgotten what did he put for the new password today! What the heck? He go change password and can forget what new password did he assign. Clever right? So he came to find me and ask if I know what is his password.

How the heck would I know? Yes, I’m the LAN admin. But I’m only incharge of the IT stuff in our project team, not the entire company. Common sense will tell you that this kind of thing must go find the computer support department.

And my colleague was trying hard not to laugh when she hear him asking me that question. Everyone knows you need to find the computer support department.

Well, everyone except him.

What is wrong with this picture?

I was laughing when I first saw this picture.

(You might need to zoom in to see the problem)

Which smart alex did this anyway?
(I hope you get the joke. I got a few friends didn’t see it until I told them what is it that is wrong)

Call 1900-VOTE-4-DK now

Warning: This entry is a shameless plug.

I’m nominated for 5 out of 9 categories in the upcoming anniversary blog award 2007. Thank you for nominating me for those categories. Xie Xie Ni. :D

Below are the category that I’ve been nominated.

Most Entertaining Blog
Most Entertaining Blog
Decay On Net

Most Interactive Blog
Most Interactive Blog
Decay On Net

Most Entertaining Post
Most Entertaining Post
“Face on table” Meme

Most Insightful Post
Most Insightful Post
Qualification vs Performances. Which is more important?

Best Citizen Journalism Post
Best Citizen Journalism Post
Bring your own what? Bags?

Please vote for me. Call 1900-VOTE-4-DK now!
Each call costs $0.50.
Calls made before 1 July 2007 is subjected to 5% GST.
Calls made after 1 July 2007 is subjected to 7% GST.
Callers under the age of 18 should seek parental consent before calling.

Alternatively, you can vote online for free.

Updates: In sync with the government policy, I promise all my voters lift upgrades at their blogs. The new MRT square line station will stop at all my voters’ blogs. And ERS for everyone (virtual money).

Those who don’t vote for me will not get those benefits. I very democratic one. REALLY.

What contribution did you make with your blog?

OK, this sound like those questions you will find in those GP paper or thesis.

A friend of mine asked me this question last night and I was dumbfounded. Seriously, I’ve been blogging all these years for the fun of it and I’ve never thought of what contribution I can give to the new media scene in Singapore.

Did I contributed anything? I don’t know. It never occur to me that I needed to contribute anything to the new media scene. But then, as a Singaporean and a blogger, perhaps I should contribute something to improve the new media scene in Singapore.

But how can I contribute? What contribution does the world need from bloggers?

She never fail to amaze me by the mind boggling questions she can ask. This is not the first time she asked me questions that set me into thinking for a few days yet still couldn’t really find an answer to it.

And till now, I still don’t have the answer. So I thought perhaps I can ask you guys this two question:

“What contribution did I make with my blog (Decayonnet)?”
“What contribution did you make with your blog?”

Do drop me a comment. Thanks. :D

PS: I’m nominated for 1st anniversary blog award “Most Interactive Blog” category. So come, let’s interact. :D