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I’m at sentosa now. But the sun is hiding from us.

Will be staying overnight here. No internet n laptop, don’t know can survive or not. Haha.

A new Tempo

I was pretty surprised when I heard that one of the big boys in the industries is going to do something similar as what I plan to do.

The first reaction was…. I think I hit the right spot. Even the big boys notice this and wanted a pie share.

My second reaction was…. Shit, I’m not ready for competition yet. Especially when it’s coming from the big boys in the industries.

I still have confidence in what I’m doing. I’m pretty sure that my solution is better. Just that with them around, it would be harder to create what I have in mind. It also means that some of my plans need to be changed since it will no longer work with the big boys in the same field.

My initial intention was to do everything by myself and have it ready by end of the year. Looks like I need a new tempo now. End of the year is too late.

Should I outsource it so that everything can roll out faster?
Or should I stick to my planned tempo?

Happy Birthday Decayonnet

I’m so sorry that I forgotten about it last year.

It has been two years since I started blogging here. You are not my first blog. I got 3 other blogs before you. But none of them managed to survive this long. And none of them become as popular as you.

Happy 2nd Birthday Decayonnet. Wish you have more good years to come. :)

SL Singapore Meetup 24 Jun 07

Just got a message from Second Life Singapore saying that there will be meetup on 24 Jun 07, 8pm. Venue will be at Second life, Lion City.

Sounds interesting. Maybe I should try attending.

Second Life Singapore has 406 members already. COOL!

Uzyn will do bartop dancing during party

The pickup rate for the party registration is rather slow. I know, all you pingster are shy right? Still waiting to see who else is going then will register right?

OK, after some discussion with the party planning committee, we decided to do a promo to encourage everyone to register early.

As discussed, Uzyn will do bartop dancing during the party if the registration hit 60 by end of this Friday (22 June 2007, 2359). Yes. Uzyn will climb up geek terminal’s blinking LED bartop and do a hot sexy bartop dance for us. BUT ONLY if the number of people who registered for the party hit 60 by end of this Friday.

If you haven’t register, what are you waiting for? Hurry! Register now!!!

Footnote #1: Performance subjected to Geek Terminal Management’s approval.
Footnote #2: Rated R21.