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Sometimes, I feel that I’ve over-multitasked. I’m doing too much things at the same time. Take now for instance, I’m currently

1) Blogging
2) MSN-ing
3) Duplicating CD
4) Shouting in shoutbox

And also, my twitter message keeps coming in.

Multitasking seems good. You can do more things at one go. But sometimes, I feel that multitasking is killing me. There is no concentration on a single task. You just try to do everything at one go. In the end, there is no focus at all. You only get abit out of each thing you are doing.

Perhaps I should try to slow things down a little and try doing things one at a time. Concentrate on one item first, finish it then move on to the next.

iX Conference 2007

I’m at the iX Conference 2007 now. This place is great. Good WIFI. Powerpoint at every seat. I’m glad that I bought my laptop and power brick along.

The event just started. Check out the live webcast by Kevin. Or come chat at the campfire.

OK, will update later. Bye for now.

"Youtube and Beyond" by Kevin Lim

I attended a talk titled “Youtube and Beyond” yesterday. It was an amazing talk. And best of all, it was conducted by Singapore’s number one camwhore. Hahaha.

I guess I shouldn’t summarise the whole entire 2 hour talk in my blog entry. If you are interested, head on down to his wiki page for more information.

One very interesting topic mentioned in during the talk is regarding the Missing Link in Videoblogs. Perhaps the reason why video blogging hasn’t really taken off is because video is distributed as a whole itself. It does not have links in it. You can’t comment in the video.

So are we really video blogging or just doing video distribution without much interaction?

I think viddler may be the solution to this problem. It allows user to place comment in the videos and link from the middle of the video clip. It’s surprising that not many people heard of this amazing tool.

So what is stopping everyone from video blogging?
Lack of equipments?
Slow internet connection?
Lack of knowledge?
Camera Shy?

Well, the solutions are coming already. Video camera getting cheaper. Internet speed getting faster and cheaper. More and more people putting up article teaching others how to video blog. Camera shy? Errr… it will take time for the person to get used to it.

We can’t expect it to change suddenly. Blogging just picked up speed few years ago. I suppose video blogging will take longer time to pick up.

It’s a pity that the talk is only 2 hours long. There are too many issues uncovered. Especially the copyrights and privacy issue. Hope we are able to have another session to cover the topics that we missed out. Does not have to be face to face. Maybe online or something.

So I left the talk wondering…. when will we see something like this in Singapore.

Lip Dubbing: Crazy from Jakob Lodwick on Vimeo

OK, I know it has already began in Singapore already. Check out the lipdubbing by Brennan & Kevin. But this is just the beginning. More will come….

I’m full of shit

Just got my exams results today.

I still remember posting this on my twitter when I step out of the exam hall.

Well… the conclusion is that I’m indeed full of shit.

YES! I pass the paper! I was really surprised when I saw the results. Didn’t believe that I would pass that paper when I totally don’t know how to do a 25 marks question. And I thought that even if I pass, it would surely be just a C. But it turn out to be B-! Wow. Much better than what I expected.

Glad that I pass this round. One more semester to go. Must Jia You! Last hurdle to cross. I can almost smell that piece of paper already. Keep going DK, you are almost there. 1 more module, 1 more project, six more months and we’ll be thru.

The day when the server almost explode

There was a power trip at our office (again) today. The lucky thing was, my area wasn’t affected. We have already moved to this office for more than a year already and the power trip issue is still there. Somehow, they still couldn’t figure out what exactly was wrong.

The affected area was near the server room. I wasn’t worried as the servers has UPS and thus should be safe. The building management people managed to restore the power shortly.

Few hours later, the admin clerk came over and told me that the server room was very warm and there are some loud noise from the servers. Shocked, I ran to the server room. It was like a mini sauna. The aircon in the server room is down. There is a backup aircon in the sever room that is suppose to kick in when the room is too warm. But somehow the backup aircon didn’t kick in.

The noise was from one of the server’s fan. It is spinning at full power and the amber light is on. The temperature is too warm already. It’s actually an old server. The newer server are still quite alright and working fine. But the old server was quite scary. Somemore the fan is really huge. And it’s still overheated?

For a moment, I was wondering if this server has a auto shutdown feature built-in when it is too warm. I know new servers/PC has that feature, but I’m not sure about the old ones. If not, it might just explode or something. Who knows, we might put the fire drill in good use.

I later found out that we are quite lucky because the old server wasn’t really that old and still has an auto shutdown feature.

I told the admin to call the building management guys to come check the aircon. I left the server room open so that the aircon from outside could come in. I’m so glad that the building management people managed to get the aircon back on before the server explode/auto shut down.

Being a bit kiasu, I turn on the backup aircon at full blast and kept the door shut. 2 hours later, the mini sauna become a mini antarctic. Well…. Better too cold than too hot.