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"Mac or PC" Rap Music Video

This is so geeky. Cool.

I’m a right-clicka
I’m an iBook flippa
Macs and PCs – no fight gets bigga
Surf Safari or browse in I.E.
Better know what you rep(resent) – a Mac or PC!

USB 1-2.0, son, you don’t know
watch my data flow
From MS-DOS command line prompts
Black backgrounds, no special sauce
Well I’ve only been around since ’84
But my ease of use has done so much more
From a Plus to a Classic to a II GS
To a PowerPC, my OS is the best
So clickable, design is lickable
My aqua interface makes XP dispicable
Quick I pull the RAM stick out the slot
Then I swap it with generic
cause the port is hot

If you see life through an LCD
Betta know your brand is it a Mac-or-PC?

Take a look at Vista
enjoy the view
I suggest Premium or the ultimate skew
cop a Dell with a graphics card – super fast
turn the arrow on and lick the glass
Tiger’s fast as hell
But Leopard’s got the boom
Time machine is mad mean
you’re absurd – what’s a zune?
Middle name: innovate
All features integrate
Now stay the hell out of my developers’ conferences!
Nonsenses – I’m networking
You’re not working
Stop staring at your built-in webcam
YouTube surfing
Ha! 1,000 views is pretty fresh
ComputerGal36 even says I’m the best

He is the best with his videos
And cuts them all on his Final Cut Pro

Mac, PC, and Me, At Last

When I run IT’S A iPOD!
Stuff I gotta have no matter what
It’s an iLOAN!
I want an Intel, plus CS3,
but for now I’m streamin keynotes in bed
Listenin to Steve
Uh! Compatibility
Everybody fits with me
All the applications wanna get with my virility
At any time
Yo, it might go off
And you can ride it
Til it’s Micro-Soft
Huh! Pay attention
I got a new invention
Steal your next idea
At the MacWorld Convention
But guess what
You’ll always be behind
Cuz Mac is a state of mind

Review of my 2007 resolution

We are halfway thru 2007 already. Scary huh? That was fast. And it seems like we just count down to 2007 few weeks ago. Now we are already half way thru.

I guess this is a good time for me to re-look at my 2007 resolutions and check my progress.

1) Read more
This resolution confirm meet already. I’ve been reading more than I usually do lately. OK, I know I’ve been reading those boring self improvement titles, but it’s really better than not reading. Right?

So far, I’ve finished reading the following books.
‘Why we want you to be rich’ by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki
‘Before you quit your job’ by Robert Kiyosaki
‘The Starbucks experience’ by Joseph A. Michelli

I’m halfway thru the following books.
‘The rules of wealth’ by Richard Templar
‘The 69 Love Notes’ by Kloudiia

At the last few chapters of
‘Trump 101’ by Donald Trump.

And I just bought a new book on friday!
‘Cashflow Quadrant’ by Robert Kiyosaki
Its selling at $14.25 at Vivo City Page One (After 20% discount). Good buy! :D

2) Exercise more
OK, I failed at this. I sort of stopped exercise after my RT ended in Feb. Must really buck up. ICT in Sept. IPPT window will close in Oct. Looks like I will ganna RT yet again. Haiz.

3) Save more money
I think I did managed to save more money. Perhaps my next resolution should be spend less money. I have 1 whole list of things that I want to buy. Its like a merry go round lor. After saving money, I go and spend them…. back to square one. haha

4) Invest more
Didn’t invest more. Firstly, no spare cash. Part of my money is stuck with the stupid USD fixed deposit. I’ll be making some losses if I take them out now. I think I’ll hold them until the next interest payout in Nov to recoup my losses. Then I’ll take the money out and invest elsewhere. Am thinking of going into shares.

5) Look out for opportunities
I got several big opportunities standing infront of me now. All I need to to reach out and grab.