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6 more Pownce invite to give away!!!

The great guys at Pownce has given me another 6 invites. So I’m giving away these Pownce invites just like what I did previously.

If you are interested, just drop me a comment with your email and I’ll send you the invites shortly.

Limited to 6 only hor. So hurry! While stocks last. :D

DK’s papa say do not accept ecard from "Class mate"

I got 3 “Class mate” sending me e-cards lately. I thought I lost touch with most of my “Class mate” liao. But suddenly out of nowhere and for no reason, 3 of them decided to send me some e-cards. SO Swwweeeettt!!

But the problem is, which “Class mate” huh? They didn’t put their name or email address. How do I know which “Class mate” send one? I got so many “Class mate”. And how did any of my “Class mate” get my singnet email address? I don’t remember giving any “Class mate” my singnet email address leh. I only give them my hotmail email. Hmmm…..

So which “Class mate” could it be?
Primary school “Class mate”? Can’t be lor. Lost contact liao.
Secondary school “Class mate”? Can’t be lor. They don’t like me anyway. Haha
Poly “Class mate”? Maybe. But how did they get my singnet email address? And why they never leave their name?

I didn’t know that got offer ecards leh. Wah, must be some new service. But why the URL is not Instead, it is to some IP address. Stupid right? Make people go remember the numbers. And the url give u a link to download some .exe “ecard”. Wah, why not use those ecards that can display on the web browsers one? Why so troublesome still want to download the .exe files? Must install the program then can see the card ah?

Wah paing. No wonder don’t dare to put his/her name lah. Make people busy only. Must be from my Secondary school “Class mate”. They don’t like me, so send me this kind of troublesome ecard. Wah ciao. 10 years liao lor, they still don’t give up?

PS: This is a PPP hor. The so call “ecard” most likely is a virus. I no guts to download. Common sense tells me that it’s a virus. There is another version now that is not from Whatever it is, do not download any .exe “ecards”. My papa always told me not to accept any ecard from “Class mate”.

So remember lah, DK’s papa say do not accept ecard from “Class mate”. You have been warned.

Want to slap me? Sure, drop me an email.

Damn pissed. Sometimes, I really don’t understand what is wrong with these people.

I submitted an article to few days ago about 2 policemen caught sleeping in the patrol car in a multi-storey carpark. I suppose it is wrong for a police officer to sleep in the public while in uniform inside a patrol car. Never did I expect people who step up and say I was wrong to submit such article to Was I really wrong? It depends on how you view the issue. Actually, I don’t really mind if people come and say I was wrong to submit this article to It’s really subjective. If you feel that it is wrong, then I respect your point of view. You have your point of view, I have mine too.

But what pissed me off was a comment by someone by the nick mary tan.

DK i ought to give you a slap for putting this poor policeman in a hotspot, to gain pongs or stealing visitors to

So pissed that I think I’ll give her a point by point rebuttal.

Putting this poor policeman in a hotspot
Is this policeman poor? I suppose he is resting well in the aircon patrol car. So why would he be poor?
Am I responsible for putting him in a hotspot? It’s on a blog, and stomp already. I just add it to so that readers there get to see what is happening. Am I solely responsible for putting him in a hotspot? Beside, the post was approved by jseng and Agagooga.
And what is wrong with putting him in a hotspot? He did something wrong.

to gain pongs
The url is a direct link to the blog. Not the referral url. So how did I steal pongs? Do you understand the meaning of stealing pongs? Or do you know how to steal pongs? Besides, that is not even my blog to begin with. Why would I want to get more visitors there?

stealing visitors to
Not a word of was mentioned in the entire submission. So how did I steal visitors to
What sense are you talking?

i ought to give you a slap
Seriously, if you really think you are the chosen one who has the rights to slap anyone whom you think is wrong, do drop me an email. I will arrange a date, time and place that is convenient for both of us.

PS: Please don’t tomorrow this entry. Wait ganna another flame war again. I already placed a comment to ask that mary tan to email me to arrange a date for the slapping session.

Sesame Street theme song

Stumble upon the Sesame Street theme song video on youtube while looking for something yesterday. Wow… the song sure brings back lots of memories. Seriously, anyone here never watch Sesame Street before? I doubt so. Almost everyone I know have seen Sesame Street before. Its such a popular show. Even until now. I think its still showing now. Isn’t that cool?

Sunny Day
Sweepin’ the clouds away
On my way to where the air is sweet

Can you tell me how to get,
How to get to Sesame Street

Come and play
Everything’s A-OK
Friendly neighbors there
That’s where we meet

Can you tell me how to get
How to get to Sesame Street
How to get to Sesame Street
How to get to Sesame Street

Then I bump into this clip of Don rewriting the theme song. Hey, I remember seeing this when I was young. Haha. Very funny.

Can you tell me how to get how to get to Sesame Street…..

The blog entry is brought to you by the letter "Y"

There is something interesting going on in the shoutbox lately. I added the letter “Y” at the end of everyone’s nick and the effect seems nice for most people.

It all started with SurfSlayer being called Surfy.
Then I decided to try for the rest of the folks in

tstar = tstary
nicole = nicoley
hendri = hendriy
arzhou = arzhouy
sylv = sylvy
ntt = ntty
uzyn = uzyny
sekling = seklingy
xizor = xizory
kriscell = kriscelly
ridz = ridzy
malique = maliquey
estee = esteey

And many many more…..

Surprisingly, you can add the letter “Y” to almost every nick and they all seems nice. Oh ya…. not to forget

dk = dky

Hahaha…. OK, I think I’ve gone crazy.
Anyway, found this interesting sesame street video on Norah Jones singing a song regarding the letter “Y”

“Don’t know why, Y never come”

Next time we try “ie” :P