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Decay On Advertlets

If your eyes aren’t immune to ads yet, you should be able to see an ads on top of my blog.

Yes, DK started putting ads on his blog. *Play horror movie music*

Didn’t DK says that he don’t want to put ads on his blog?
Well, people change don’t they? Thinking changes, ideas changes and point of view changes. I didn’t really want to put ads in my blog in the past. But after getting to know about advertlets during the party, I decided, why not give them a try. No harm trying right? If I don’t like it after a few months, I can always remove it mah. Anyway, I need some extra cash after taking so much taxi lately.

So why Advertlets?
OK, I did mentioned that Josh is one of the person I regret not talking to during the party. But even though I didn’t get the chance to talk to him, I get to hear good things about his company. So I guess, if I want to put ads on my blog, I should give Advertlets my first try.

And also, since I’m the winner of 2 awards during the party, I get some free clicks from Advertlets (Which I forgotten how many. haha). This means I should be able to cash out the money faster. Right? hee hee. :D

Comfort Cab should give me KrisRider card

At this rate that I’m going, I should be able to get the Comfort Cab’s KrisRider card soon. Serious! I’ve been taking cab at least once a week. And all the trip cost at least $17. Now I know where all my money goes to.

Somehow, I think I’m facing a serious problem. I can’t sleep at night and can’t wake up early in the morning. I’m now immune to my alarm clock. Several friends offered me “Morning Call Service” at daylight robbery rates ranging from $10 per call to $2 per call. Wah. Seriously, if I’m going to pay that amount, I expect more than just normal morning call service. Hahaha… kidding, kidding.

But still, I really doubt morning call can wake me up too. I’m also using my handphone as a second alarm clock and it also failed to wake me up. So will morning call be able to get me up? I don’t think so leh.

Terrible. I think I need to try get myself to sleep earlier. Perhaps use hammer to knock myself out at 12midnite everyday.

Dating Game (NSFW)

I seldom post NSFW stuff on my blog. (Which explains why my blog rating is only PG)

But this is an interesting dating game. See how well you score. I managed to get 10 out of 10 already. I’m trying different moves to see what is the outcome. Some of them can be pretty funny.

Zhenzhen said that she didn’t know dating a gal is so hard until she played this game. Can’t blame her lah, she is the one who ganna chased, not the one chasing. We guys very poor thing one. Everytime bullied by gals like her.

But seriously….. if chasing a gal is THIS easy, I would have been married and with kids by now. SERIOUS. Chasing gal where got so easy one?

PS: The server is pretty unstable. Perhaps too many people playing?
PS2: NSFW means Not Safe For Work. Which means it contains nudity.

Quite a number of people commented that its hard to get high score. The trick is, get her to drink 4 glasses of wine and everything will be a lot easier. That why I’ve been saying if only real life is so easy.

Decayonnet on iPhone

This is so cool.

Behold! The iPhone!! *Evil Laugh*

Interesting week ahead

This is going to be an interesting week.

Meeting the KING. You know lah…. *cough*i*cough*Phone. This is going to be so great. I think I going to worship it first.

Wine appreciation course organise by my company. Not free one ok, need to pay one. I missed the previous session because it was full house by the time I register. I’m so glad that I got a seat this time. But I’m going alone. Oh well. Better than nothing.

I got a job interview on Friday! Yippie!
Actually, I wasn’t exactly sure what is the job scope. But should be interesting. Its not exactly IT stuff. Which is nice actually. But the most exciting part about this job is that the office is just 7 bus stop away from my house! I think even if I walk also take less than 30minutes. I think I’ll get a bicycle if I really got this job.

But they going to have a 30 minutes written test before the interview. Wah…. Chim…