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The unattainable acorn

Was reading some of my old blog entries when I found an entry that I wrote after watching Ice Age 2: The Meltdown.

Actually, come to think of it, everyone has an acorn. An acorn that you desire so much and been trying so hard to reach it, yet you are always just a few inches away from it. Aiming for that impossible target and never give up. Just keep trying and trying.

1 1/2 years later, there is still an unattainable acorn in my life. Different acorn, but still seems forever unattainable. Still desiring something that seems ever so hard to reach. And no matter how hard I try, I keep finding myself so near yet so far away from it.

Is this how life works? Giving you one unattainable acorn after another. Wondering when will I ever attain that acorn that I desire the most. Or will I ever attain it at all?

Odex – Are we punching below the belt?

I guess Odex needs no intro if you have been reading the news lately. But if you aren’t following the news, perhaps you can checkout HWZ forum or the Wiki page.

A lot of people are following the Odex saga with great interest. I even joke with a few forum friends that we could actually skip watching Heroes season 2 and just read the Odex saga online for our daily dosage of entertainment.

The whole saga teaches us quite a number of useful lesson. The most important lesson I feel is never ever offend the internet community. You will be amazed by the things that they can do. The guys at HWZ managed to dig out tons of information about Odex and its director. They are even able to find his pictures, home address and telephone number. Its amazing what google can do these days.

OK, I’m not supporting piracy here. Neither am I supporting what Odex has done. I believe that Odex could had handled this better by first serving warnings before taking any actions. That big mouth director shouldn’t ya ya papaya show off in forum that he is suing people. And suing a 9 year old kid is a no no. Look, he is just a 9 year old kid. Just let him off with a warning.

But even though Odex and its director are wrong, the internet community are no where near being saint. Yes, I support those helpful people who offer great legal advices. I support the everybody’s freedom to express their displeasure. I even support the Odex CD recycling program. (Although sad to say, it was cancelled due to lack of leadership)

But I’m strongly against those who post the Odex director’s pictures, home address, telephone number and personal details on the forums and blog. Yes, they are wrong, but that doesn’t mean we should scoop to their level.

I’m not sure how long will this Saga last. Latest news was that Pacnet need not release the subscriber information to Odex. I bet this is not the end. But whatever it is, I hope everyone stop hitting below the belt. No point scooping to their level. Only dirty our hands. Wack them with a level of maturity

PS: I’m wondering if Pacnet will come out with an ads that say “We protect our subscriber’s privacy better than Singnet and Starhub”. Hahahaha….

Decay off Advertlets

After slightly more than 1 month of trying out, I’ve decided to remove the advertlet ads from my blog.

There is nothing wrong with advertlet. In fact, advertlet is fine. I get ads everyday unlike it competitor that chooses blogger to place ads. Which means I get payout everyday for traffic coming into my blog. Am fine with that.

But I’m not those famous bloggers with few thousands visits per day. Am not earning much from the ads placed here. I’m only got SGD$7++ for one month. That is just enough for a cup of hot mocha at Starbucks. Just one cup per month leh.

It is nobody’s fault except mine when the traffic is low. Can’t blame anyone except myself for that.

I feel that I won’t be getting much from these ads. Since that is the case, why not remove it and keep the interface clean.

So Decayonnet is once again ads free. Cheers.

My handphone has been hospitalized

Send my beloved Sony Ericsson K800i to “hospital” for servicing yesterday. The navigation joystick has been giving me trouble lately. Hard to move left and right. Maybe it is because I’ve been playing too much tennis on my k800i. (BTW, I’ve completed all the games on the phone. Haha) And since it is at the service centre, I also requested them to upgrade my firmware. Hope the new firmware will speed up the autofocus speed.

I’m surprised by the short waiting time at Wisma Sony Ericsson service centre. The place was crowded when I arrived and I thought I’m in for a long wait. But I was pretty surprised that when I was told that the estimated waiting time is just 15 minutes. And I was even more surprised when the estimation was wrong. I only waited for roughly 10 minutes. Perhaps it is because there are more than 10 staffs behind the counter. I still remember more than 1 year ago, I waited at least 45 minutes for my turn to see the “doctor”. Thumbs up to Sony Ericsson for speeding up their queue at the service centre.

But my poor k800i has to be hospitalized until Saturday evening. I’m now using a spare phone. Nokia 8250!!!

Super retro I tell you. It’s a classic phone, one of the best phone ever by Nokia. Nokia don’t make phone this good anymore nowadays. That is why I’m using Sony Ericsson now. Haha.

Can’t really remember which year was the Nokia 8250 released. Year 2001? Its amazing to see how much handphone has evolved over the year. Using an old handphone helps you appreciate the small features that are in your latest handphone that you didn’t notice it exist.

For example, when writing a new SMS on Nokia 8250, the font is default to be all caps. You need to change it to lower caps yourself. Its unlike new handphone where they will auto cap the first letter of the sentence and small cap the remaining letters. Maybe people like to shout using SMS in the past. Haha.

The screen is very small, thus you find yourself scrolling up and down several times when reading a long SMS.

There is no MP3 player. No Radio. No email reader. No web browser. No camera. Nothing. The only interesting thing on this phone is Snake. Cool! Was playing Snake while on my way to work today. Bet a lot of people are looking at me and wondering why am I still using such a old phone.

Kinda miss the features on my K800i. I always listen to MP3 on MRT to drown out the noisy PA system that constantly reminds us to look after our belongings and report to police if we see anything suspicious. I would also use my K800i to check my email and twitter once in a while. And the camera allows me to take pictures of interesting things that I see. Can’t do all these things now with the Nokia 8250.

But I ain’t complaining. Its better than nothing. In fact, I’ll need to use this phone again next month when I go for my ICT. Heard that the army camps are rather strict in enforcing the no handphone camera rules nowadays. Oh well. What to do?

Am I losing my magical touch?

The blogger’s block is still here.

Been finding it hard to blog lately. Really no inspirations to blog. The past few entries were horrible and stupid. You can tell it by looking at the number of pongs from All of them less than 20 pongs. Am I losing my magical touch? Perhaps I am.

And its not that I don’t have any topic or subject to blog about. I actually got quite a number of topics that been up my mind and wanted to blog about. But just couldn’t get the inspiration to get them started.

UniSIM – The forgotten fourth University of Singapore?
Odex – Are we hitting below the belt?
Wikipedia – Is it a reliable source of information?
Palm – Will it be able to make a comeback?

They are interesting topic right? But I just can’t get the inspirations to blog about it.
Argh…. Damn those blogger’s block.