DK’s evil twin brother

Every once in a while, you will see me blogging in a very sarcastic tone. Still remember the entry on worker party? Actually, its not me. It is my evil twin brother doing the blogging. If you been reading my blog frequently, you should know that I don’t blog in a sarcastic way. I always try to be nice when I blog (Key word is TRY).

I always try to control my evil twin brother, preventing him from coming online to blog about things he sees. But sometimes, it is just too hard to contain him. He would struggle violently whenever I stop him from blogging sarcastic stuff. Sometimes, he would even try to login when I’m not around to avoid capture.

Its been harder and harder to stop him lately. Especially with those stupid entries on Straits Times and Stomp. He just want to come out and speak his mind. I can’t control him 24/7.

Please bare with my blog if you see any more sarcastic entries. I’ll tag them accordingly so that you’ll know that those entries are actually made by my evil twin brother instead of me.

8 Responses to 'DK’s evil twin brother'

  1. NTT says:

    Just change your password lah.. Then your evil twin cannot log in… :p

  2. DK says:

    Tried but failed. Either he is a good hacker or he is always looking from behind when I change my password.

  3. Fauzi says:

    Hahahahhaa.. A good hacker indeed. Should send that idiot the police ofr violating someone’s privacy.. hahaha

  4. Sicarii says:

    I prefer your evil twin, and thought his piece on the bicycling event was pretty good. :-P

    Let him on more often, lol!

  5. moby says:

    I kind of like your evil twin leh. He’s very … errr … opinionated! :D

  6. DK says:

    Fauzi: That my twin brother! You want me to report to police to arrest him???

    Sicarii: ARE you trying to say that my blogging is not as good? WHY? Where you not happy?

    You believe I got another evil twin brother who is very violent?

    Moby: I’ll let you know if I see him.

  7. Sicarii says:

    I am saying that you write satirical pieces pretty well and should definitely continue.

    Don’t lock that evil twin down.

  8. DK's evil twin brother says:

    Sicarii: DK can’t lock me lah. I’m on the loose now. I even got my own account! Wahahahaha. :D

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