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Reservist Day Four – Relaxed day

Relaxed day

**This entry was handwritten on 13 Sept 2007 0724hr**

Forth day of in camp training. Looks like it’s going to be a relaxed day today. Just some lessons in the morning. Would be free to rest in camp in the afternoon. Cool. This is the way reservist should be. Relaxed and easy.

Other paltoon are going outfield later. We are the lucky ones.

Reservist Day Three – Long lesson

Long lesson

**This entry was handwritten on 12 Sept 2007 1745hr**

It’s been a long day in camp with lesson after lesson. Can’t say much about the lesson cause I don’t want to end up put under investigation like Chillycraps for talking about restricted stuff on blog. Am sometimes afraid that I might cross the line and blog about something that I’m suppose to say. Its a fine line. Am taking this as a challenge. To blog about army stuff without being called up for investigation.

Finished dinner and shower already. Been having early dinner for the past few days. Might have nights off tonight, but don’t want to set my expectations too high. Don’t want to experience the same shit again like yesterday. Sometimes, the higher your expectation, the sadder you will be.

Would be nice to come out for tonight. Although I don’t know what to do when I come out.

Reservist Day Two – Level 6 bunk

Level 6 bunk

**This entry was handwritten on 11 Sept 2007 1244hr**

The height of my bunk is a killer. My platoon’s bunk is located at 6th floor and there is no lift. For the first time I’ve heard of level 5 and 6 in a army bunk. Usually its just up to level 4. I heard its due to land constrain. But the buildings there are quite spread out. I don’t know why they need to build such high building. We try to climb the stairs less by doing everything downstairs before going back to bunk.

Am beginning to miss the people outside even though I managed to book out last night and meet her.

Call the Police or SCDF if there is tremors

I was reading the news about the Indonesia Earthquake which occurs last week. There was a report that the police and civil defence received about 500 calls from the public.

Singapore’s population is roughly 4.5 million. What are the remaining 4499500 doing? Did you call the police or civil defence when there is tremors? Why didn’t you call them? How could you be so irresponsible? It is your duty as a citizen to report such acts to the authorities.

It is utmost importance that you call the police and civil defence when you felt the tremors. I know the police hotline cannot handle such high volume. They will put you on wait like the credit card hotline. But tremors report are very important to the police and civil defence. In fact, way more important than crime calls. Those people who are about to be hurt, robbed, murdered or raped can wait. Those who need ambulance assistance or fire engine can also wait. They are not as important as tremors report. The police and civil defence personnel cannot feel the tremors from their stations. Their station is shake-proof.

It is a serious crime to shake a building in Singapore. The police will investigate and arrest the person who shake your HDB flat. Even if he is not staying in Singapore or don’t even exist. He will be put on trial in Singapore court. The penalty is heavy. At least 12 caning and 20 years imprisonment. I heard that it is death penalty for more serious case.

The civil defence on the other hand can switch off the tremors. In fact, they have a switch to turn off the tremors on your HDB flat. Yes, just call them and they will switch off the shaking right away. No point taking video or pictures and send to stomp. Call the civil defence and the tremors will be gone soon.

So remember, call the police and civil defence when there is tremors. It is your duty as a citizen to call them when you felt the tremors. Seriously, police and the civil defence will take action once they got your call. The problem will be solved shortly after you call them.

Reservist Day Two – IPPT postpone

IPPT postpone

**This entry was handwritten on 11 Sept 2007 0723hr**

Requested to book out last night to go for lesson. At first I thought it is not possible to book out for lesson because of the logistic problem. They only managed to sort out the logistic problem at around 7:15pm and I managed to leave camp at 7:30. My lessons starts at 7:30pm too. Well done. Even if I rush, I can only reach school around 8:30pm or 9. Since it was already very late, I decided not to go for class. Instead, I went out for dinner with my friend. Shhhh…. don’t tell anyone.

Woke up today morning to find myself alone in the bunk. My paltoon mates left for breakfast without calling me. They didn’t know if I want to sleep more or go for breakfast.

Raining now. IPPT will be postpone. I hope it will rain for the whole morning cause I hate to run on wet floor.