DK is dead

Hey guys. I’m sorry to inform all of you that my good twin brother is dead. He didn’t die of heroin overdose. Would be really funny if he does since he just blog about anti-drugs lately. It would also look nice on too. Imagine heading: Anti-drug blogger dies of heroin overdose. Hahahaha… Best if someone tagged it as humor.

But since this blog entry is coming from DK’s evil twin brother, you should know by now that everything I said is sarcastic and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. You shouldn’t believe me when I said that our ministers deserves another pay increment (I hope). And common sense (which isn’t very common lately) would have told you that if the good DK is dead, the evil twin brother can’t be more alive.

Everyone have their own writing style. Some write in a humor and satire manner while others are dead serious. After awhile, everyone will know what to expect from the author. Just like you can expect me to blog in a sarcastic style while my good twin brother to blog in a…. eerrrrr…. Wait. What is DK’s writing style? He got style one meh?

I know everyone is confused now. Firstly, they see two entries on saying that William Hung is dead (one from an entertainment news blog, no less), then another one saying he is not dead. Now they see an entry saying DK is dead. So who is dead and who is not?

Well, if you believe me, please transfer the white gold to my internet banking account. Thanks.

PS by DK: I’m not dead. At least not yet. But I will if I don’t complete my final assignment by tonight. Which I’m stuck and have totally no idea how to do. Damn. Perhaps my evil twin brother is right. I am dead.

9 Responses to 'DK is dead'

  1. xinyun says:

    *coughspoofcough* :P

    fake news is better than no news?
    fake news get more pings?

  2. DK says:

    Xinyun: I don’t think that fake news will get more pings. But if everyone love to see me dead, the entry will surely be #1 in Hahahaha.

  3. moby says:

    Hell got broadband or not ah?

    Oh wait …. hell is like wireless@sg.

  4. DK's evil twin brother says:

    Moby: Got lah. It’s call wireless@hell.

  5. Larry Lim says:

    DK, I’ve burned some white gold for you. Please check if you’ve received it. :p

  6. xinyun says:

    everyone would be dead shocked to see this post :P

    btw, you want a burnt laptop or desktop? :D

  7. DK's evil twin brother says:

    Larry: You don’t burn white gold. You burn joss paper. White gold pls internet banking transfer to my account. Thx.

    xinyun: iMac would be good. Make sure got the latest Leapard OS. :D

  8. brian koh says:

    shucks DK, now we’ll never get to meet -(

  9. DK says:

    Brian: No worries. I’ll come visit you on the 7th month. :D

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