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Repeal 377A

By supporting the Repeal 377A movement, I’m not saying that I support the gay communities and their activities. I’m accepting the fact that we are different and believe that we should be given the choice to choose what we want.

I do admit that I don’t really like gays. It is just my preference. But that doesn’t stop me from having friends who are gay. I don’t see why my personal preference should affect the people around me. I have my choice and I strongly believe that they have theirs too.

In life, there are lots of things that you like and dislike. Disliking something doesn’t mean that you should stop others from doing it. There are so many things in life that we dislike. Should we ban all of them? Can we ban all of them in the first place? So what do we aim to achieve at the end of the day? Why can’t we accept someone who is different?

Why should we stop others from doing something that they like? Why should we force them to do the same thing as we are doing? They are not doing any harm. It’s between 2 willing party. So why not just let them do whatever they want?

It’s not about gay. It’s about equality.
You may not like it, but let them have a choice.

NMP Mr Siew Kum Hong has done his part.
Thousands of Singaporeans has done their part
The artists has done their part
I’ve done my part too.

Have you done your part to make Singapore an open and inclusive society?

In his inaugural speech, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has promised to be a leader for all Singaporeans and invited them to join him in writing the next chapter of the Singapore story.

He wants an “open and inclusive” society where Singaporeans are free to be unconventional or simply different, but at the same time with a deep common purpose and identity.

Singapore has more press freedom

Good news everyone. Singapore’s press freedom index has gone up. The figure in 2006 shows that Singapore’s press freedom index is at 51,50. The latest figure by Reporters Without Borders for 2007 shows that Singapore’s press freedom index is at 56,00. Congrat! We are having more press freedom. Our worldwide ranking has jumped from position 146 to 141 out of 169 countries. Quite an impressive achievement.

It shows that the Government is doing a good job in allowing press freedom. So who says Singapore don’t have press freedom? We have more press freedom than 28 other countries in the world. Go talk to the 28 countries first before saying Singapore has no press freedom.

Singapore’s ranking has overtaken Afghanistan this year! Well done everyone. Looks like the Talibans aren’t giving their press too much freedom this year. Shame on the Talibans. And Singapore is catching up with Sudan soon. Lets hope we will over take Sudan next year.

But we still lose to our neighbour Malaysia. Malaysia’s ranking is at 124. Malaysia very Boleh. Their press must be very free. That why they have so much freedom.

Don’t worry. Our minister will make sure that we will not lose to Malaysia next year. But in order for our minister to improve our press freedom index, they need another round of pay increment.

Congrats everyone. Singapore is having more press freedom! Keep up the good work.

In search of a domain name

Been trying to think of a domain name lately. It is for some project which I will be embarking when my exams are over. But most of the domain names that I come out with are registered. Can’t seem to find any that is good and available. Maybe my creativities juice has run out.

Finding a domain name is like finding name for your own new born baby. Your child is going to live with that name for the rest of his/her life. That is why finding a right name is very important. I still remember I got a friend in secondary school by the name “建仁”. Nothing wrong with the meaning, but the 2 words sound like “贱人” (Cheap person). I heard that he went to the lawyer firm to change his name on the day he reaches 21 years old.

A domain name is a branding. A name that you will be using for marketing. A name that people will recognize you as. Which is why you should try to make your domain name relevant to the things you are doing or at least think of a catchy name.

A domain name should be easy to pronounce, easy to spell and hard to misspell. And most importantly, it should be easy to remember.

That is where the challenge is. I couldn’t think of any name that matches the above requirements. I’m not really a creative person and I’m not very good with English words to come out with something catchy. All the names that I come out with so far are already taken. Perhaps I’m too late.

Actually, I thought of an interesting domain name today morning. But that domain name for the .com version has already been taken up. It was registered by some company that buy domain name to sell at a higher price. I don’t think I’ll want to waste my money buying from them.

But that domain name for .sg is still available. Am wondering…. Should I register the .sg domain name? Will there be a branding issue in the future? Especially when the .com version has been taken up.

How? Should I go ahead and register the .sg version? Or crack my head further for a better domain name? Any suggestions?

My life is in danger

Shit… I must have offended someone on my blog. My friend forward this video clip to me yesterday. Apparently there is a serial killer on the loose and his next target is “Decayonnet”!?!?!?

Surely there can’t be another “Decayonnet” in this world.

OK, if I don’t update my blog that frequently, please make a police report.

Should I go into hiding? Or should I contact the police?

How to cook instant Roti Prata

After reading Kevin’s blog entry about Roti Prata, I guess I should show him what a real instant Roti Prata looks like. That poor guy must have been in the states for too long until he has forgotten what a Roti Prata looks like. That picture in his blog looks FAR from Roti Prata.

I need to do something to Singaporize him. Maybe I’ll blog about the instant Roti Prata that I usually eat at home.

This is the Instant Roti Prata that I eat at home. It is very convenient and easy to cook. Look, if DK can cook this, I doubt anyone will have problem with it. I usually get the 20 piece pack. I usually have 2 prata for breakfast on a lazy weekend.

First, you take the uncooked Roti Prata out. It is covered with 2 plastic sheet, which obviously you need to remove it before throwing into your frying pan. There is no need to defrost it. In fact, you shouldn’t defrost it. Just take out from freezer, remove plastic sheet and throw into frying pan.

There is no need to add oil if you are using non-stick pan. After 3 minutes or so (depending on the heat of your frying pan), flip the Roti Prata over and let it cook on the other side. Over the years, I’ve mastered the skill of tossing the Prata into the air to flip it. Will demo in the future if I get a video recorder. :D

Usually I’ll flip it a few more times to make it more evenly cooked. If you like your Prata to be more burnt, you can cook it longer. I don’t really like burnt Roti Prata.

This is the cooked instant Roti Prata. Looks almost like the real thing. Taste roughly the same as the Roti Prata you get from kopitiam. Too bad they don’t come with curry.

Oh, btw… Kevin is campaigning for a $10k blog scholarship. Do vote for him so that he can use the $10k to buy real Roti Prata.