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Car broke down at petrol station

Sometimes I wonder how unlucky I can be.

Went to the petrol station to top up fuel after work yesterday. After paying for the petrol, I went back to the car, only to discover that I couldn’t start the engine. It seems like something is wrong with the battery.

Well, you might think that it can’t be that bad since I’m in a petrol station. You are wrong. The workshop at the petrol station is closed for the day. So I tried some DIY. After several unsuccessful attempts to start the engine, I decide to open the bonnet to check out what’s wrong. But well I know nuts about repairing cars. All I can do is open the bonnet and look inside.

All this while, not a single petrol station staff came forward to help. Neither did they even come over to see what is going on. By opening the bonnet, it is obvious that something is wrong with my car. So my car is parked infront of the petrol pump, blocking others to use that pump. They don’t seem to bother anyway.

Pretty pissed off with the service at that petrol station. I’m your customer. My car broke down just after pumping petrol. The least you can do is come check what happen and see if your store has anything that can help.

Nobody came forward.

I called our car workshop and they said they need 45 minutes to reach my location. So I waited…. outside the petrol station. The guy lost his way and took 1 hour to reach. The repair was simple. Just change the battery and the car is back in order. But I still need to send the car to workshop again to check if everything is alright. Am busy lately. Will have to wait till the weekends.

It was late already and I haven’t had my dinner. I could had gone into the store in the petrol station to buy some bread or something. But I simply refuse to let them have my business. Sorry, but you lost a customer.

I will never go to the Shell Petrol Station along AMK Ave 8 again.


As I was waiting for the repair car to come, I was wondering… Why can’t we use the handphone in the petrol station. Is there really a danger?


I remember a joke that says that whenever a car breaks down, the guy will always open the bonnet and look inside. Even though he doesn’t know anything about car repair and don’t know what is he looking for.

Don’t believe? Next time a guy open the bonnet when the car breaks down, try asking him what is he looking for. Most of the time, he would tell you that he has no idea.

Then why still open the bonnet? hahaha…

I hate it when my dad keeps things to himself

I really really hate it when Dad keeps things to himself and don’t tell us.

Dad is in hospital.

Apparently, he been having chest pain for the past 1 week but he didn’t tell anyone of us. He had a routine checkup today and he didn’t intend to tell the doctor about the chest pain too. He knew that he will need to go for the operation. He been delaying the operation for few years already.

But the doctor found something amiss when he reads the report from the medical checkup. That is when my dad decides to tell the doctor about his chest pain. The doctor want him to stay in hospital and go for operation the next day but dad was bargaining with the doctor, hoping he would delay the operation till Nov. The doctor simply ignore him, continue to write in his medical records and ask the nurse to arrange a hospital bed for him.

And he didn’t intend to tell us that he is in hospital until I called him on his handphone. We are one family. If you don’t tell us, then who are you going to tell? I understand that he doesn’t want us to worry. But then, as family members, shouldn’t we be present when needed?

Everyone is now asking me why I didn’t know that dad is having chest pain for almost a week. Seriously, I can’t tell unless he says. He look normal everyday at home. So how am I suppose to know something is wrong? Although nobody is blaming me, but it really sucks to know that your dad been having chest pain for a week plus and didn’t tell you.

I hate it when my dad keeps things to himself.

Nuffnang passing operational cost to bloggers?

Putraworks was blogging about Nuffnang imposing a SGD$1 transaction fee for all cash out recently. Nuffnang claims that the $1 transaction fee is for postage, cheques, materials, and handling cost. The entry created quite a big hoo ha and was the most popular post of that day in

Ming, co founder of Nuffnang, saw that article and replied in the comment box, giving more details on how they derive the $1 transaction fee.

I understand this is an unpopular decision, but in the face of significant costs which I will now break down and reveal to you, this decision has been taken by the management in consideration of long term viability.

The main bulk of costs comes in the form of cheque processing. This is something you can openly verify. UOB as with every other bank now, is charging 50 cents per cheque processed.This is in addition to the cost of the cheque book which they also charge for.

In addition to this there is the postage fee, which by 1st local is 25 cents each (for a stamp). The envelope costs 20 cents each. This brings it up to 95 cents, which means 5 cents for the paper, ink and labour. Labour includes time taken to print out the letter, verify the amount, pack it, and send it off.

Labour is more or less subsidised and free in this instance.

One mistake I will admit to making and can rectify immediatly is that we did not give any lead time for implementation. As a result, this action will be delayed till november. I will update all nuffnangers in the next community update.

I look forward to your continued support.

Am glad that Ming steps out and explains the $1 fee. But as I was reading, I felt that something was wrong.

Lets breakdown the $1 transaction fee first.
$0.50 – Cheque processing fee
$0.25 – Stamp
$0.20 – Envelope
$0.05 – Paper, ink and labour

Ming is correct to say that the operational cost has gone up recently. With effect from 1 Oct 2007, UOB charge $0.50 for every cheque processed. The first 30 cheques will be waived. But lets just assume that Nuffnang have their own bills to pay too and used up the 30 cheque quota every month.

But the rest of the items are existing operational cost. Stamp, envelope, paper, ink and labour charges have been there since day one. They are nothing new. Was there an increase in prices lately? If there isn’t, then these items shouldn’t be added into the new transaction fee. In fact, when deciding the payment structure, these items would have already been put into consideration. Why is Nuffnang passing these charges to bloggers now?

So technically speaking, the increase is only $0.50. How much additional operational cost is that? Currently, there is a total of 2500 Nuffnangers. Assuming 10% of the Nuffnanger cashout every month, the increase in operational cost will be just $125 per month. Surely a company of Nuffnang size is able to absorb this little increase in operational cost.

And if you really think about it, do they really have 250 cashout every month?

The saddest part of this whole incident is not about the $1 transaction fee. It is the mentality of the management. $1 is a small amount and I’m sure everyone can afford it. But when operational cost goes up, instead of finding ways to cut cost, the management decides to pass the additional cost to consumers.

Well, passing the cost to consumers is easy. That’s what our public transport companies always do.

Oktoberfest in Singapore

Notice that there is an increasing number of Oktoberfest celebration in Singapore lately. Perhaps it is because of the Paulaner microbrewery at Millenia Walk that brings the German celebration to Singapore.

Oktoberfest is a three-week festival held each year in Munich, Bavaria, Germany during late September and early October. It begin in 1810 to celebrate the wedding of their Crown Prince. Well, the people of Munich really love to party and has been partying every year for the past 197 years.

Some people claims that Oktoberfest is a tourist trap and the food and beer sold were more expensive compared to normal days. Not quite sure if that is true. Well, who cares? So long as there is good food and beer.

I was at Vivo City last Saturday afternoon when I remember that Brotzeit (That great place which serve Paulaner Beer at Vivo City’s waterfront) is having a Oktoberfest celebration for the weekend. So I went over to check it out. Imagine having beer and meat for lunch. Shoik.

Ordered their pork knuckle. Well, how can you have Oktoberfest celebrations without pork knuckle?

Actually, this is the first time I had pork knuckle. Unbelievable right? Especially when I love pork so much.

The beer for that day is specially brewed for Oktoberfest. It goes well with the pork knuckle.

Had 0.5 litres instead of 1 litres cause I’m driving. Remember, if you drink, don’t drive. The Oktoberfest beer is stronger but rather smooth. Too bad they don’t sell this beer on normal days.

And as we are eating and drinking, a german band was playing in the background. So this is how Oktoberfest should be. Eating meat and drinking beer. Life is an enjoyment.

Don’t feel sad if you missed the Oktoberfest celebration this year. Erdinger Weissbier will brings the Oktoberfest festive spirit to Singapore between 12 Oct to 15 Oct.

Nevermind if the real Oktoberfest at Munich ends on 7 Oct 2007.
Nevermind if Erdinger isn’t one of the Brewery taking part in the real Oktoberfest at Munich.
Most people can’t tell the differences. (I can’t tell the difference too)

I’m glad that I ‘celebrated’ Oktoberfest before 7 Oct and drank the Oktoberfest beer specially brewed by Paulaner.

Presents and cake

**Should had posted this few days ago. Been busy with some stuff lately.**

Got a Birthday Card and $10 Polar voucher from my director a couple of weeks ago. Its the HR policy to give employee a birthday card and some voucher on their birthday month.

Over the years in this company, I’ve gotten vouchers from McDonalds, Delifrance and Burger King. Would still prefer vouchers from Burger King. But the uncles and aunties in my company doesn’t like it. Someone suggested voucher from supermarket like NTUC or coldstorage. I hope they don’t listen to this feedback.

Prudential send me a card as I’m a member of their PruPrestige club. Pretty nice card. Seems to be hand signed by their CEO. Don’t think the signature is printed on the card. Poor guy. Have to sign so many birthday card each month. (Or maybe he got his PA to sign on his behalf? haha.)

Starrynite gave me a ONTO Headphone and Tiesto’s In Search for Sunrise 6 CD.

Love the headphone a lot. Am using it in office now. Good for drowning out noise in the office when I need to concentrate. And also a perfect match with the Tiesto CD which I’ve been listening non-stop lately.

Starrynite also got me a ultra sinful chocolate fudge cake from *some top secret location*. Its not as famous as Lana Cake and google didn’t seem to return any results. But it smells good and taste heavenly. Starrynite was complaining about all the noise I made when eating the cake.

Can’t help ok. Who say guys cannot make orgasmic sound when eating chocolate fudge cake? Its my birthday cake and I can make any noise I like when eating. BLEAH!

The cake deco looks nice also. Starrynite and I love it. :)

Wondering if I should reveal the secret location of this wonderful cake shop or not. :P