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優客李林 – 輸了你贏了世界又如何

Have you ever encountered this feeling before?

And I sit down wondering, what the meaning of having everything, if it is without you by my side sharing the joy and happiness. Things just aren’t the same anymore without you.

優客李林 – 輸了你贏了世界又如何

朦朧之間 彷彿我又看見妳的臉
依然帶著淡淡憂愁的雙眼 忽隱忽現
就當全是一場夢 不必掩飾我的錯
讓我眼神沒有焦點 淚水模糊我的視線

輸了妳 贏了世界又如何
妳曾渴望的夢 我想我永遠不會懂
我失去妳 贏了一切卻依然如此冷清
有誰又能讓我傾心 除了妳

妳我之間 難道沒有剩下一點點
一點曾經刻骨銘心的眷戀 讓妳掛念
當我默默黯然回首 當我看盡潮起潮落

Happy national day to China

Today is China’s National Day. Wish all my PRC readers a happy national day. (I’m not even sure if there are any PRC readers here. I know that blogspot is blocked by China’s great firewall)



You might be wondering, what does China’s National Day got to do with Singapore. Well, look around you and I’m sure you can find at least one item that is made in China. You can’t live a day without using a single product that is made in China. It has 1/5 of the world’s population. That is 1.3billion of them. Do you know that they can cause a flood in Singapore if all of them spit in our country? (Gross!)

So how does China’s National Day affect me? Well, National Day is an important day in China, together with Chinese New Year and Labour Day. Everyone in China is on a week long leave. Which means that there is nobody working at the outsource office.

Am beginning to miss the staffs there. Yes, they always make errors at work. But I have to admit they are good at doing simple but manure work. Got a request today to do some shit job. Usually, I would just send these simple but tedious task to China. But I have to do it myself this time round.

OK, just endure for a week and they will be back.

PS: I know, today is also children day. But we aren’t children anymore. (At least not on the outside. But I’m sure we are still children at heart. :D )